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  1. Should've thought of a protector before making the AA. They are trolling you, ignore them. Disband your alliance, you're 360 days old with close to no progress on your nation. Learn the game a bit and write/take some guides before whining for them. Not that I even recommend starting an AA in this game, its dead and forming a recruit from the little strain of new players is nigh impossible, especially with all these large AAs recruiters always on to take any new nation that is created.
  2. The Web gets Webbier? Or maybe a statement of its webbiness.
  3. And the Web Gets Unwebbier? Anyways, cool.
  4. And the Web gets Webbier! Congrats to both parties.
  5. This is a very good point. I would say a nation that has been inactive for around 6 months should have their bills set to 20 days. Mostly so old people with old nations dont come back to a nation that cant dig itself out of debt without most of your infra or donating to pay bills.
  6. Just found this thread lmao @MinesomeMC
  7. Cool, NG are some fun dudes to hang with.
  8. And the Web gets Webbier... Congrats to both Alliances.
  9. Well you're reinforcing the weak web with a strong direct web, therefore there is more web, therefore WEBBIER!}
  10. I thought of unironically responding with this as well lmao. Genuinely don't know who these guys are.
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