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  1. I'd join, but since one of your elder guys declared war upon me I get the distinct feeling I'd not be welcome in the ranks.
  2. I'm in the market for an alliance to join, since the last alliance left me high and dry and never bothered to accept me when I applied. Or maybe it should be more accurate to say that they can't complete a basic... what the heck do people do on here when accepting new members? Vetting, or something? Anyway, they never !@#$@#$ bothered getting around to accepting me into their alliance, and I got bored waiting. The leader of Doombird doomcave is the most helpful person i've encountered, but I don;t think they're looking for new members. Since I really would like to get into this game and start dealing in tech deals, economics and the like, i'm looking for an alliance that seriously wants a new member, and can offer a trade circle, actual tech deals, and basic !@#$@#$ protection? You know, all pretty basic things.
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