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  1. The National Coalition of Sovereign Nations is a new alliance seeking nations who want to strive and work in cooperation. Some areas will be open to non-members in order to work in derect cooperation with nations who join. In an area of the forum is a place for nations to look for trade deals and be more specific in looking for a good trade partner. When you list your nation in need of a trade you put Nation Name: Leader: Nation # URL: Resources: Resources you are looking for and if you are specifically looking for a nation of the same team color to receive a bonus. Hopefully many nations/ alliances will participate and it will be another easy place to find the best trade partner. "Remember only submit and if you happen to see a trade partner that has the resources for your nation. Eaither message them or submit your offer to that nation. "Do not respond to keep trade agreements confidential." https://ncosn.freeforums.net/board/7/world-trade-data-base
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