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  1. FTW and legion, by far two of the worst alliances left on planet Bob. You got the win, but there is no way you could spin this to be anything but a pyrrhic victory. This exposed you, had this been a different time in the planets history you'd be rolled by the end of the year. Sadly, all this left is the parade of idiots and the pixel huggers.
  2. Dude can i get Ops in your IRC channel? 2008 was ten years ago, what the hell are you idiots doing with 300K tech? War has always been the answer, not curb stomps, although all the CN wars have been that to varying degree's but my first nation was right at the 2nd great war. Does Fark even exist anymore? The proceeding 3-5 years from then were decent enough, we usually had a war every christmas at least unless you got picked for shark week. now look at you, you're all trying to one up witless rube's on the subject of why the game isnt what it used to be. You're all culpable (excluding myself of course), I hope the next time you have a meal that includes poultry it's under cooked.
  3. How pathetic is FTW and Legion that they need Iron and NPO? Even the peanut gallery is laughing at them, RV absolutely got it right you infra hugging pussies killed the planet. You absolutely deserve to go out with a whimper, LOL.
  4. They are sharp, you arent. It's nice to see that on planet bob, even at this late hour that what comes around goes around. The sad part is there are decent people in FTW that will inevitably be harmed because you are a complete tool and idiot. They arent laughing with you Canik, they are laughing at you, and yes thats just about everyone. Best of luck out there.
  5. Well thats the point isnt it? FTW NEEDS you to defend them. The #4 alliance, I do understand context and where we are at in terms of the time line of planet bob but FTW is a horrible alliance by any rational measure aside from total NS. Then you have Canik, to see things from his point of view the only way you could attain the required perspective is to lodge your head so far up your own rectum it would induce a gag reflex. This is why he's laughed at and mocked not only publicly but privately. LOL
  6. This pretty much sums up FTW in a nutshell. This is likely why Canik took the time to build his web over the last year. One has to admire someone who understands their weaknesses.
  7. Good joke, its even funnier when the alliance is the size of FTW. Perhaps your top tier nations have wonderful warchests but you might want to invest a little of that into your mid to lower ranges sport. The real joke though isnt the state of prep on planet bob, if you can get 25% of the people at any given time to pay attention youre winning, the real joke is the # 4 alliance in the game needed to call in allies for this. No one blames Legion what else is there to do, war is good. The sad reality for you is FTW needed the help no amount of hand wringing or posturing here is going to change that fact/joke. LOL
  8. The funny part really isnt Legion, things are slow why not jump into war but FTW actually needs the help LOL. Legion people so far have been cool to me anyway they seem decent at least the people Im warring with. FTW? That alliance should be rolled and rerolled, LOL. cya out there
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