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  1. praise be to the lord jesus christ
  2. Well, Kony, it looks like you win.
  3. I'm more concerned with what alliances aren't free?
  4. You win, buddy. If you have to resort to using the "R word", you must have something that is really troubling you.
  5. Sure, I played from 08 until 2015, you can read through the archive and look yourself. I'm just happy you're excited Now I just roam and poke my head in to see the world burn.
  6. Got anything better than that? Your pointless banter bores me. Where is someone who can come up with an intellectually crafted insult? I remember my 11th grade year, enjoy yours.
  7. I must. You're on some rambling nonsense about me. Sadly, I've never been this big of a deal before, I like the attention.
  8. I was hoping you'd post more Futurama memes.
  9. Well, I'm not in FTW, nor do I listen to halfwit mobs.
  10. Surprisingly, you haven't ran it into the ground. We have done our time helping to protect that order. You would be good to learn some history of this planet, Grub.
  11. I'm glad you're able to make astute observations.
  12. Thrash, you're a long way off from Invicta
  13. You can translate anything you want into whatever you want. Polaris, and those associated with Polaris haven't been relevant since 2010.
  14. Don't over hype your importance, little fella. I'm glad you're having fun playing, but you're about 3 years too late. Non Grata has been a trash alliance since its inception. Everyone on this planet knows that. The only thing you give a hootin'nanny about is someone has a similar flag as you. When you can construct a full thought, feel free to try again with your nonsense posting. It's best to be a has-been, then a never-was I suppose. Kanabis, you're a clown. I'm not engaging with your childish behavior any longer.
  15. The level of civility displayed by NG during this thread is abhorrent. A pack of children running an alliance is hardly something to worry about. Clearly the level of discourse on Bob is disappearing.
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