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  1. But isn't Suzumiya Haruhi god?

  2. my tastes are obviously excellent though. therefore it must be your fault if you don't like them <_<

  3. Would you ever consider marrying Kaiser Martens? [/surreal]

  4. I loved Final Fantasy VI.

  5. idk whats crackalackin?

  6. your IP connection is teh fail >_>

  7. /me attacks Esau with SEXY TIME

  8. Welcome back from the dead.

  9. happy birthday Dilber n_n

  10. lies. lies and slander.

  11. I heard if you say Candlejack's name you'll disa

  12. hai there chefjoe

  13. awww look at the cute little tiger

  14. I knew you'd come back they all come back

  15. /me nukes duffman

  16. Is it really SoE's birthday? If so happy birthday! :D

  17. lol@brave little toaster avatar

  18. since we moved to these forums :o

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