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  1. Chickenzilla is pretty awesome

  2. be my friend, Random

  3. hello there new moderator =)

  4. I love your cats. Coincidentally, I had a cat named Kia once.

  5. you kind of look like the person in your sig, but with shorter hair

  6. Der Schmetterling has been brought forth! Achtung!

  7. must ... fix ... comments

  8. Yes we must punish him indeed. Which horrific device will I use? I wonder...

  9. You just said something that sounds like something Mastab would say! :o


  11. you left the same comment on someone else's profile, and I thought it would hilarious to ask you the same thing. Cos dat how I roll.

  12. I loled at your forum name

  13. Bring forth the Schmetterling!

  14. Ha you can't inflect your verbs!

  15. Oh yeah sure uh huh I believe you >_>

  16. Did I say that? I was misquoted. Obviously.

  17. Now that's just going too far.

  18. You can't understand? Well it's okay to be different.

  19. Well that's just a given that god likes groping large breasted girls.

  20. you remind me of enragedlobster in some strange way. i don't know why, considering you're not enragedlobster

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