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  1. そう。*bites kenadian*

  2. No it's from Nanoha.

  3. Will it be the Committee Formation Committee? Or the Committee to form the Committee Formation Committee?

  4. If I could tell you what your secret is, would I have asked for it? The answer is maybe. Probably. It might not be.

  5. imma lurking in your comments

  6. /me steals the first comment!

  7. why is Chickenzilla a girl?

  8. you're only three days younger than me ^^

  9. help where am i?

  10. I need your secrets to infomercial success too.

  11. I'm trying to obtain your secrets to infomercial success.

  12. thx for the comment. ^.^

  13. your avatar is cute. almost too much.

  14. Homura

    The Decline

    Oh is it now? If you don't agree with the war and don't participate, how are you supporting them right now? And was the Continuum not a treaty? Are you speaking English or Newspeak? Because you must be aware your comment was self-contradictory. Maybe it would serve you well to think about what you're saying before you throw a little temper tantrum because I was well aware of the facts when I wrote this and they do support my conclusion, not to mention my own alliance is in a similar position to kill bandwagoners. Or if it really bothers you that much that I mentioned your lack of support, go in and fight for them, but either way I won't think you're wrong for doing it.
  15. Homura

    The Decline

    Lately the overwhelming opinion of Digiterra has been one of overt hostility and even aggression towards the New Pacific Order and its allies. While there's always been some dislike of the NPO for various reasons, it's never been a movement quite as organised or powerful as what's been seen lately, not even in the days of Great Wars past. So what has changed? A mantra often repeated by Pacificans is "Pacifica Prevails!" And for years it has. Nobody has successfully dealt any long term damage to Pacifica to date, even when the alliance seemed devestated after the Great War or Great Patriotic War as it's known to Pacificans. But there is a reason Pacifica has prevailed. The alliance was home to some of the most innovative people and was built on revolutionary ideals, which resulted in frequent success as the ability to adapt to changing conditions allowed an efficient and effective response to many challenging situations. There are still remnants of a formerly great culture of equality which existed in the hierarchical structure, where nobody was intended to be irreplacible or more important than another, even if in reality things cannot always work perfectly or as planned. However in more recent months, the alliance has more often than not been resistant to new ideas even while openly courting them. NPO did not change the price paid for technology from 3 million for 150 tech until well into 2008, when the rest of the world found that rate to be inefficient since mid-2007, along with a few other significant internal matters which I'm not going to discuss in a public setting as they are more sensitive issues, but which generally were dismissed by alliance leadership, i.e. the Imperial Officers. In the case of the tech rate, it was primarily due to the insistence of the NPO Bank. Part of the underlying reason for all of this relates to a near stagnation in leadership, with some retaining their positions for years. There is, of course, nothing wrong with retaining effective leaders, but it becomes easy to develop a fixed mindset regarding the manner of operations as time progresses, which is exactly what many people observed was occurring. One of the most ambitious proposals to combat this was that to create a third Order on Yellow, however this never came to fruition for various reasons. In August 2007, it was announced that Ivan Moldavi was returning to the position of Emperor of the New Pacific Order, that TrotskysRevenge was resigning and would be Regent. Within NPO, the mood was that of both surprise and excitement. Days later we were informed that our forums were moving, and Ivan had staged a coup d'état. A very real possibility for continuing positive change had been stopped in favour of preserving the status quo, both internally and externally, although as history shows, it made little difference externally with the collapse of the Initiative a month later. Over time, the alliance lost some of its most talented people who easily could have become the next generation of NPO leadership, such as Doitzel and Rebel Virginia. The dispute and disconnect with the New Polar Order further progressed this loss, and it could easily be argued that losing the NpO was losing half the Order and the talent that went with it. The network of allies surrounding Pacifica became easy to depend on, but they had their demands as well, creating a situation of primarily outside rather than self-reliance. And now a large portion of that network is lost and a lot of former NPO talent is actively working against them. Once dependable allies like VE have become antagonists, others like MHA are withdrawing their support, and there's a very real chance that Pacifica could be facing a stronger and more well prepared opponent in war. I can't predict the outcome, but if Pacifica wants to prevail again, it's going to require a hard look at the way they're currently doing things, making difficult changes, and a lot of dedication and will to stay on through trying times - a revival of revolutionary spirit. I can't easily get caught up in this argument of "karma", but in analysing the true situation, it's clear that the previous and current modus operandi of the New Pacific Order produced some rather undesirable results.
  16. I don't really disagree with the essence of this, but considering what you say and what you actually do are worlds apart, does it have any meaning beyond telling everyone else what they should do? There certainly are no successful entities in this world driven by absolute moralism, or those that lack it at all. All you're attempting to do is rationalise your actions as methodical and in the world's best interest by resorting to disputing arguments very few actually make while ignoring the very obvious growing backlash against a system of power that has used moralism as the foundation for their power for quite some time to justify their excesses, e.g. the wars against Norden Verein, BDC, Hyperion. Perhaps if you actually stepped out into the world and saw it for what it really is, i.e. *actual* material observation, rather than writing something to make you feel good about yourself, then maybe you'd actually start making sense again.
  17. Hello there dear reader and welcome to my blog. I am Katsumi, a CN player since January 2007, the majority of which I have spent in the New Pacific Order and the New Polar Order. I've never been top level government of either alliance as of this point although I've had active roles within each and have done just about everything so far, which is probably more due to my reluctance to interact with people privately than anything else, however to some I was in a lot of ways the public face of the NPO for quite some time, being one of their most active members in the Open World Forum and Alliance Politics throughout the end of 2007 and the first half of 2008, and am currently one of the more well known Polars. This blog will probably be somewhat random, but my intent is to express opinions and incite discussions on various topics of Cyber Nations and the direction of current events and trends affecting the game. I hope you'll find them interesting and thought-provoking, even if you find you disagree with them.
  18. what did I do there?

  19. like "蝶って何?", I presume you were trying to say then? Luckily pasting 蝶 into Google Image search will provide some relevant results. Try it!

  20. I don't know exactly what you were trying to say. Although I said 蝶, pronounced like CHO.

  21. for new times sake, CHO!

  22. dear sir what is this i didn't even and now i'm feeling lonely so lonely 'cause it's like i told you only the lonely can play the game which you just lost and so did everyone else reading your comments and now everyone's wondering when this sentence is going to end. also hello.

  23. I like the crayon drawn NPO flag in your profile pic. =)

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