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  1. I don't always see eye-to-eye with Dear Shantanmantan, but somehow your assessment of what he's doing seems a bit off to me. It's as if you want to have your cake and eat it too.

    That is, you're claiming that you're independent and that you make your own opinions, but then you admit "I dont really care what or why they fight". Well then. That is abdication of your autonomy, but even if you choose not to decide why you do anything, you're still choosing to do at least that. You're going to get criticised based on who you support regardless of whether it's a deliberate choice or you're just following your friends' lead and don't care.

    It's not some OOC attempt to ruin the game by constricting the political discourse. That's ridiculous. You either become neutral, or else you accept that some people are going to be opposed to you. That's it.

  2. That's a god damned lie Katsumi. MHA has not "withdrawn her support" from Pacifica. We have not canceled any treaties. We do not agree with this war, we were not consulted about this war and we have no intention of finishing a war we never wanted to start. If bandwagoners attack Pacifica, we will defend Pacifica against them.

    Check your damn facts before you make unverified and spurious claims.

    Oh is it now? If you don't agree with the war and don't participate, how are you supporting them right now? And was the Continuum not a treaty? Are you speaking English or Newspeak? Because you must be aware your comment was self-contradictory. Maybe it would serve you well to think about what you're saying before you throw a little temper tantrum because I was well aware of the facts when I wrote this and they do support my conclusion, not to mention my own alliance is in a similar position to kill bandwagoners.

    Or if it really bothers you that much that I mentioned your lack of support, go in and fight for them, but either way I won't think you're wrong for doing it.

  3. I don't really disagree with the essence of this, but considering what you say and what you actually do are worlds apart, does it have any meaning beyond telling everyone else what they should do? There certainly are no successful entities in this world driven by absolute moralism, or those that lack it at all. All you're attempting to do is rationalise your actions as methodical and in the world's best interest by resorting to disputing arguments very few actually make while ignoring the very obvious growing backlash against a system of power that has used moralism as the foundation for their power for quite some time to justify their excesses, e.g. the wars against Norden Verein, BDC, Hyperion. Perhaps if you actually stepped out into the world and saw it for what it really is, i.e. *actual* material observation, rather than writing something to make you feel good about yourself, then maybe you'd actually start making sense again.

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