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  1. Alright, this is the new thread for yellow team, regardless what alliance you are.
  2. This is the forum for the Alliance of Rogue Nations, for members to trade and discuss.
  3. Big Gene

    45th Yellow Team

    I enjoyed your poem; it was quite nice. However the feeling you’re giving is as cold as ice. I’d appreciate your vote, I’d love to tell you why, but then I’d have to kill you and you don’t want to die But in all reality, you have to understand, if you voted me for yellow senate, we’d be the best in the land. So please, oh please, give me your vote; I promise I’ll do what’s right, We’ll be the top team on the planet in a week, If not overnight.
  4. Big Gene

    45th Yellow Team

    Also, you guys should vote me for yellow team senator when election days come round