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  1. And currently OP is on the slope to ZI obscurity. What's that proverb about pride coming before the fall?
  2. The grand confederation wishes that the odds may be ever in your favour
  3. Dude don't pull the "I'm an old CN player card" I played 'this game back in 06. You have no seniority in that realm 😂😂
  4. This unprovoked war will be met with determined resistance. We attempted negotiations, and will vehemently oppose your unwarranted attack with fire and fury
  5. Greetings citizens of planet Bob, I would like to announce the expansion of the Grand Confederation Alliance. I am the war minister of this alliance, led by the able and knowledgeable LukeDiamondking. We welcome new recruits as our alliance is daily growing, and is filled with veteran members (including old guys like myself who remade their accounts after a decade absence), and young blood. We hope to not only pump new blood into the alliance system, but also to attract new recruits to grow. Please check us out! https://grandconfederation.weebly.com
  6. \m/ zi'd me in 2007 for supporting FAN and I'm still salty
  7. Benjamin1776 for his triumphant return after a decade absence!
  8. What ever happened to CCC or \m/
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