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  1. I'm doing quite fine, thank you very much. You see, we've evolved beyond the need for petty insults. Have a nice day!
  2. It does, and that's still a poor analogy. Please show me the harvest, fruit or crop mechanic in the game. Then go show me what mechanic the leader board on the homepage of the game uses. Looks like statistics to me. It's nice to roleplay about war, and making fanciful posts about needing to do this or that, but really honesty is the best policy. You're all bored, there's nobody to kill so you're going to go shoot !@#$. Pretty straightforward. I disagree with that, you don't. Move along.
  3. That assumes that conflict creates growth for all parties. Also, who grows food to watch it rot? That's a poor analogy.
  4. Competition without growth is futile. You can compete and strive, only to find yourself in the same infantile mindset with the same foibles you once began with. Wanton destruction is neither competition, nor gainful. It is an act of sheer boredom and desperation in games such as these.
  5. Very unfortunate. I almost joined GPA after I left The Prussian Empire. I don't see why attacking a peaceful, neutral alliance is fair or just. Best of luck to GPA!
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