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  1. Thats what the noose is for
  2. Devialance is lacking several chromosomes that make people like me and you have stuff like common sense and a sense of humor
  3. Wow a blind man with amnesia could've seen that joke coming Best part is I'm an attack helicopter RESPECT MY GENDER
  4. Man I wish i could gustep into a oven right now
  5. Nothing ends until the fat lady sings
  6. I believe this war will end in white peace until then I'm gonna sit back and wait
  7. Preamble -aNiMaLz Guerilla Family was created to create a home for nations seeking refuge from war,who also desire to establish a golden age of peace, growth, and prosperity throughout Planet Bob. Although we desire peace, we are more than willing to ensure future peace if it means present war. We were founded in the midst of war, and are no strangers to the battlefield. All nations who request membership agree to adhere to this Charter. Article 1: Membership 1.a Application All applicants to the AGF must fulfill the following requirements: - Be trustworthy and Loyal. Be willin
  8. I may be bat !@#$ crazy but thats a little more crazy than I can handle
  9. So is this war in the Non TE of Cybernations or is this gonna be just a TE war because the wiki needs an update
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