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  1. The Lupercal Accords Preamble The Legion and the Freehold of The Wolves wish to confirm their long and enduring friendship and shared commitment to each other. Article I – Sovereignty Both of the signatory alliances and their respective member nations recognize and respect each other's sovereignty and political independence. The government of both alliances will do their best to aid in the protection of each other’s sovereignty and freedom as an alliance. Article II – Non-Aggression They will refrain from espionage and the threat or use of force against each other and will settle all disputes between them by peaceful diplomatic means. Both alliances and their members shall act politely and in a friendly manner to each other at all times. Article III – Cooperation In signing this agreement, both signatory alliances recognize that communication and intelligence is the foundation of a strong and enduring relationship. Both signatory alliances agree to productive inter-alliance communication and the sharing of intelligence. Article IV – Mutual Defense This Provision hereby dictates that if either of the alliances find themselves directly attacked by a foreign aggressor, the opposite signatory to this agreement is, upon request, required to join the war against the foreign aggressor within the next 72 hours. The attacked signatory of this agreement has the right to waive such assistance if they feel it is not necessary. If one of the signatories goes to war because of other treaty obligations, they may request military or financial aid from the other signatory, who is encouraged but not obligated to provide that assistance. Article V – Optional Aggression While recognizing each other's independence, this article allows either signatory of this treaty to request the aid of the other in their offensive wars. If a request for aid is received the alliance that received it is encouraged but not required to join the war. Article VI – Termination If either alliance wishes to terminate this treaty at any time, they must privately inform the government of the opposite side at least one week in advance. Signed for The Legion, Deathbiter, Imperator Penultidodo, Consul of Defense and Foreign Affairs happy5214, Consul of Internal and Economic Affairs killer04, Shadow Government Minister of Dinky Doos Watcher, Imperator Emeritus Signed for Freehold of The Wolves, The Mad King - Canik, The Thoughtful Hand of the King - Taco Regent - Dark Lord Sauron Lord of Foreign Affairs - Velocity Lord of Military Affairs - CodArk Lord of Internal Affairs - Smitty, Lord of Gifs Lord of Economic Affairs - Lord Draculea
  2. RFI would like to open up its Discord server to the world. The only server with the entire RFI coalition in one place. Come and pay us a visit! I am sure that we can have plenty of entertainment and discussion there. We are looking forward to meeting you! Discord server link: https://discord.gg/vbtg5Hb
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