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Emperor Martin Bormann

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    With Roman Legions ....This Emperor/ Empress pledges to God to defend PAX Constantinople from barbarian dum dums. HAIL ROME!!!! HAIL CONSTANTINOPLE!!!!

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    Anti SLAP Resistance Movement (Bormann's Bandits)
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About Me

I am of both sexes and sometimes none. It is a little trick that God played upon me when I came to this world. I am sometimes referred to as He or She, He\She or It. A  being of neither or and both. I am both Emperor and Empress. I have loved and have been loved by both sexes and sometimes hated by all.

Some see me as an older strong man, in others eyes I am seen as a petite and attractive young girl.

Look upon me, I am noble...

Look upon me.....I am beautiful and handsome....  all at the same moment of time and space.


Look upon me....what do your eyes see?


Is it really what you are seeing........ or is it your desires?....



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