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  1. Vortagre

    FTW Declaration of War

    I agree. That Flag is something. But the old flag of Order of Tenebris was the best. 😂
  2. Blessed are those who declared against CCC. Heaven Belongs to CCC children after their meeting with the Micros.
  3. Vortagre


    M3D Chestnut the war that resulted in.me.loosing my nation 😣. But I am doing good now.
  4. Vortagre

    State of Emergency

    I mean not Micro at heart. Terminator didn't say Micro at what? Micro at Pixel or micro in our mindset?
  5. Vortagre

    State of Emergency

    TIE is not a Micro.
  6. Vortagre

    State of Emergency

    I stepped down and Lucius is back as the Emporer. o7
  7. Vortagre

    State of Emergency

    Thanks a ton GK. I was thrust into the leadership role by sudden unexpected turn of events. TIE is willing to shake hands on it.
  8. This is to inform all concerned that TIE is under attack from outside forces. As the new Head of the Alliance I have declared a state of Emergency at The Imperial Entente.
  9. Vortagre

    Declaration of war on Nordreich

    Somebody make me understand this simple. Does this war means TTK nolonger have to vote for Noctis?
  10. Vortagre

    Declaration of war on Nordreich

    Congrats to Nor for declaring this war. Best of luck against RHoA. Makes sure u get their suppliers in the war. TIE and Cobra couldn't finish the last war because of that.
  11. Vortagre

    Everyone takes a shot!

    #TooManyPeopleSigning4NightsWatch Hail Peace
  12. Vortagre

    Aevum Update

    lol the ability to make announcements is reserved for a few people if any.
  13. Vortagre

    Recogniton of ?

    Hi Hime. Ok I respect ur stand and understand but if u will please handover ur nation to me perhaps I can do something with it. I will delete my current little nation and rule from urs.
  14. Vortagre

    Aevum Update

    Story of this war with Aevum. We blast your pixels and you guys rebuild it with foreign aids. Wish I could fight a war like that. After wasting Aevum completly we are now more or less blasting aid driven pixels.
  15. Vortagre

    Aevum Update

    TIE has for the past many months been like this, Lucius, me Vocalese (inactive fellow but always there) Archangel joined the party recently. Use your aid money well.