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  1. Smok3y-Bull3t

    Aevum Update

    I was hoping any of your people would be in my range, but nope, don't think that's going to be happening. You must be still broke paying that 150$ bond a few years ago.
  2. Smok3y-Bull3t

    Resignation and Ultimatum from the Imperium

    Get to stepping then, cupcake.
  3. So an OM nation raids one of yours, but you decide to throw a hissy fit anyway and declare on two OM nations even though OM was going to kick out the guy who raided your AA. You're a piece of !@#$ dude, like, I now rank you worse than Junka. That's pretty sad, Methrage.
  4. Smok3y-Bull3t

    Jihad on the Pervert Junka

    If you want, you can send three of your pathetic nations my way. That's if they can fight without selling everything they own, see how it turns out for them but we both know you don't have the guts for it. You're a coward, Junka. Always hiding behind your worthless essays of garbage. I guess you're only capable of blocking people on Discord. I suppose I just wasted my time writing this though, since we both know your scum nations won't come after me.
  5. Smok3y-Bull3t

    The Ellen Show

    You and bluewinters would make great buddies. Considering you both like to just talk a lot (can prove me wrong if you want). Unless it's a mostly inactive AA, but doesn't count though.
  6. Smok3y-Bull3t

    The Ellen Show

    Coming from you, that doesn't even make sense. You're trying way too hard here.
  7. Smok3y-Bull3t

    The Ellen Show

    Nailed it. My exact expression when I read that post from him.
  8. Smok3y-Bull3t

    The Ellen Show

    By witchcraft.