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  1. Blackwater Union Federal Press Today at 11:30 P.M. MT, the city of Salt Lake, Utah, erupted in a massive ground conflict between Federal troops, and a rebel group supposedly enraged over our recent border closings. The response of our government was that of a massive strike by our Federal soldiers of the Riverton Nation Guard base, Camp Williams. The air force was not deployed due to the number of possible civilian casualties, but we are being told that the 500 soldiers sent, they were supported by our 5 remaining armor units, that were decommissioned shortly after the assault. Our troops have taken the Salt Lake Airport as our new headquarters. We are being told, that this will be the new location of our primary governments, and its' officials, effectively becoming our new national capitol. This is great news, it is located near many natural resources that are now under our sphere of influence which is roughly 510 miles, but it is growing every day and this is good. In conclusion, after only mere hours of combat, the dissidents have been culled and Salt Lake is firmly back under the control of the Federals. What does this all mean for us? Harsher curfews? Having more of our civil liberties suspended in the name of security? We shall see in the coming weeks what new policies the Houses lay out. As always reported to us from the office of the Commander in Chief, Navezgane.
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  3. Blackwater Union Today in Blackwater, we have opened another bank to further the economic opportunities for our citizens, estimates suggest between our two banks we have increased profits by 14%!! Also, we have have opened our very first Blackwater Clinic. This is great news that proves our Federal Government truly do have us at heart. Studies showed that mortality rates have dropped by at least 2%, it doesn't seem like much but it is a step for us all in the right direction. On another note we had a situation arise in which war refugees began to pour into our borders. We have helped many but have come to the decision to close our borders until further notice due to the strain it would otherwise have placed upon our economy.This adds heat to our current border security debate raging through Congress, and starts a new one about the real stability of our economy. We should all be sure to do our part to further strengthen our economic stability. Last but not least, yesterday evening, we had more deals receive final approval for our technology, we are now at 100% export capacity. This has increased our national treasury greatly and product is scheduled for delivery to our foreign investors on the 19th and 20th of February. This in turn provided us the needed revenue to finish all current plans for the infrastructure, and we are being told that in 19 days our next economic plan will hopefully be pushed through Congress and the House for the Commander in Cheifs final approval. More on that at a later date. As always reported to us from the desk of the CiC, Navezgane of Blackwater.
  4. Blackwater Union Local News Today in the Blackwater Union, we celebrate the opening of multiple public works to commemorate our founding and rapid growth. We opened up labor camps to keep our public services running smooth for minimum cost! Government research has found it to cost the taxpayers much less to have our prisoners earn a living while serving our their sentences then it is for us to pay for them to do nothing! Also, we opened up our first harbor and bank to help the everyday citizen to get goods at not only a cheaper price, but in more variety. Our bank will allow you to save your hard earned money in a safe place risk free (see terms and conditions with your local bank manager)! We had multiple trade deals approved today as well. They will help bring more products and revenue into Blackwater that will greatly increase the "weight" of our pockets if you catch my drift. With the growth this all brings soon we will have to expand the military to police ourselves more effectively for soon we shall outpace our current troop to citizen ration, more on this later. Last but not least, our brand new border wall has been completed today as well. This will allow our brave troops at the border to arrest the drug peddlers with more efficiency as well as control the flow of immigration into this great country. Sleep well at night my fair citizens, know your borders are being attended and know that we have your best interests at heart. Reported to our office by the Commander in Chief, Navezgane of Menzoberranzan, Capitol of Blackwater Union.
  5. Hey, guys new to game and just looking for a little help learning the ropes and all.