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  1. Yeah you've only sent it to me about a hundred times, so please don't. So you fight for your own definition of freedom? That's convenient.
  2. So you're this self proclaimed champion of freedom for all of Bob, but you look down on those who choose to live freely? And we bathe once a week you civilized scum.
  3. If you're the definition of civilized, I'll wear the title of "barbarian" with pride.
  4. You tried to intimidate a little alliance called COBRA into merging with SNX multiple times.
  5. The Bible was written by mortals. The work of man. The Divine can not be seen in the work of man. A preist can dip you in water, and tell you that you are now "saved", but how does he know? He is human, like you and me, and therefore no closer to the heavens than the rest of us.
  6. Your greatest sin, I do believe, is trusting your immortal soul to scriptures and texts written by mortal men no closer to the Divine than yourself. As such, I have taken it upon myself to help you and your brothers see the folly in your ways, that we may all grow closer to the Divine.
  7. I must say, This is a good way to start off a new year.
  8. Saw the Metheads have gone down to nine members.... Now that's progress 🖒 Great job too NoR and everyone who has been hitting these thugs. Merry Christmas to you, and a happy new year.
  9. I doubt it. Though I must congratulate him on the removal of a certain person form his AA. Had he only done that sooner, he might have saved his people.
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