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  1. Amithaes Belcurwist

    need a sanction on black

    Looks like roadhrash's insanity is reaching new levels... Finding even more imaginary "multis" while telling us "everyone" is against us. No, they are just too scared to speak up against your bullying. You ccan spread your lies as muuch as you want but reality will not change by it and all your illegitelmate actions are and have been there for everyone to see. Last round you welcomed us and now you are here crying about it and sending me rule-violating PMs containing language such as ""you little insignificant bug". Tath's just sad and so far it has just been me, but you don't seem to be able to handle even one nation without whining and that's after yoiur boasting, apthetic... Maybe there was a reason why we named ourselves so obviously? You fell for the decoy and thus far you have stepped onto every single tarp we laid out for you, the first thing you did right was get the SDI but in your own mind you are a war genius and your behavior & talk speaks volumes that we are getting under your skin. At the same time you maintain your delusions so everything is going just fine, you clearly aren't quite as smart as yo ulike to think and one of these days the community will rise against your random terrorism.
  2. Amithaes Belcurwist

    Recognition of hostilities Druid Wolf Pack

    I don't even have to reply with anything, you show to everyone what you are with your actions, your words and just revealing your incredcible studpitiy. You keep roguing everyone, setting rogue sanctions, then you attack someone for an "illegal" sanction, you are the crazxy one here, lunatic. Yeah, we know all about your fake peace offers, you are a liar and scammer, you are singlehandedly destroying TE. Who fkn made you the boss of TE??? I guess nobody else is wiehgin in on this, because everyone is to intimidated and afraid that you crazy ass are gonna rogue them. You are not the target THIS round, you !@#$@#$ moron. You are so stupid that there are no !@#$@#$ words. What !@#$@#$ meaning do you think sanctions against us have? I am here, fighting for months, with sanctions on me, but go ahead and keep your delusioon about my bad nation skills, what the hell are nation skills aneyway and keep thinknig we are both bad at war. You only make a public ass of yourself. You are the worst person here. Setting the sacntions back on me, fine, but everyone else can see that at every point I have been attacked by DCS nations. But go ahead in your delusional mind se mee as the rogue. Not understand what you are doing, you can attack any nation for any crazy reason you make up, just like your idol retard Trump. The fact that you are a Trump supporter alone speaks voulmesa and you act just like hijm except even more maniacally. There was no reason to resacntion Frankie. He has done nothing, he stayed out of these wars, but no amount of reality means nothing to you Trump follower lunatics. There is an "illegal" if anything is. I really hope the sane people still left in TE will deal with you. Oh about "pathetic nation skills", just look at the leader of DCS, that noob has National Environment Office but no SDI and look at where he is, last in his alliance, what a noob! Thinking about his war reason, he probably thought I was due a rerolling and wanted to prevent it but no I still got plenty of cash but guess who is out of money. That's right, it's tucker. Seriously? Seriously??? You are talking about youurself? Or did you jsut AGAIN take yet another thing about yourself and turn it around??? You call use little punks, "girl", "little kid", "little boy". What kind of image do you think you are portarying of yourself? That's just pathetic. You are a sad human being and I've had enough of you, I'm not reading your stupid idiotics anymore.
  3. Who re-declared first? Right after update. It's there for all to see, just look at my wars. I'll save readers the trouble, it was the leader of DCS. Then tucker is here crying, which is exactly what we like to see. It is meant not to be fun for you, your complaining shows it's working and that makes it fun for us! Hahaha. You are such a noob, you are supposed to stay in range with the person you want to help. Hmm, could there be a reason why we didn't even try to knock you down... I wonder. Idiot. You can not seriously be that stupid??? Wait, I think you can. If we are multis then why haven't our nations been deleted? Coud it eb that you complained about that and they came back with confirmation that we are in fact differnet people, but you want to continue yiour stupid false propaganda because you think in your stupidity that it works for you, which it even doesn't, becasue everybody can see what a rogue you are! The same as with your "protected" nation, I don't even know why you are protecting tucker, he seems to need protection, though, because he can't fight for !@#$. Me on the other hand I have been in constant war for a month and a half but I'm still here and I don't even need Frankie to help me, I can take care of these DCS noobs by myself, just look at the war stats. What I was going to say before I interrupted myself was that the same goes for the target, we were happy to go down with tucker. I couldn't have continued attacking him, if I built back upp, could I, moron? Maybe I didn't do it for a reason. I could have, but chose not to. Do you ever think? Why wouljd I have rebuilt to be in range to be rogued by you again and not be in range for my target??? I'm not interested in your ankles, you are not the target, what part of that can you not understand? You will be next round. The more you cry about my "pathetic nation skills" and mock us for being bad at war the more of an ass you make yourself in public so go right ahead and continue as much as you want without understanding that having maximal NS is not always everybody's goal.
  4. Amithaes Belcurwist

    UN DoW

  5. With you around there is no chance of that. We'll be coming for you next round. You put the target on your back yoursef.
  6. Amithaes Belcurwist

    Recognition of hostilities Druid Wolf Pack

    How is it funny? Yeah, we planned the operation together or rather Frankie masterminded it, I did what he told and he has taught me how to play this game so yeah we play similarly what a surprise and the time you talk about, we were low in nukes and had plenty of opponents so we had to choose whom to attack and Frankie decidede you weren't a priority target so we pretty much ignored you which is what you deserve not even the time of day. There are no excuses and have never been, the reason is the same and it has been explained. Understand Frankie was in DCS, not me, and stop publishing private messages although that one is confirming what Frankie said and that Roadrhas is a liar. Now he is attacking Mac Daddy, NDO sucks and if you want an excuse right there is one, mean Roadrash's real reaosn for roguing Mac Daddy is Mac Daddy removed our insane sanctions. Everyone can see how crazy Roadshr is, roguing everyone who breaks his stupid rules he has imposed on the whole TE like a maniac. One more interesting thing, Frankei told me Wile y Coyote confirmed in a PM that Supreme was in fact sent at me by tucker and company, so I was the viticm of an evil DCS government plot and it shall all be out in the open. You see, not only that but Supreme himself admitted it, already before, I asked him and was surpsired that he just flat out admitted it was like that so everybody can see who the guilty parties here are!
  7. Amithaes Belcurwist

    Recognition of hostilities Druid Wolf Pack

    It's basic coordinating. How do you noobs do it then? Just chaotically everyone attacks however they like?? Like Frankie said already we talk on the phone, it's a 19th century invention, google it. For example on Thursday, actually your screenshot was from that day, I could already nuke so I did it and when I had done it I told Frankie to attack, becauyse he had much more troops and planes, so it was logical that he attackas first and when he had done his attacks he told me to do mine. That's fkn how you run coordinated attacks. The one with more troops attacks first and then the other one(s if there are 3 or more total). Learn how to coordinate noobs, you say we are bad at war but you don't understand basic coordianation!!!
  8. Amithaes Belcurwist

    Selling tech long-term

    I have currently two free sluts. First come, first serve!
  9. Amithaes Belcurwist

    Recognition of hostilities Druid Wolf Pack

    What a great job you did! Allow me to wipe the egg from your face. And there is tucker commenting without even reading what Frankie said, just ilke the idiot he is. Roadrash, are you really that stupid??? What the hell is that supposed to "prove"? You keeping the focus on your retarded accusations of us being the same are only a pathetic attempt to take the focus away from your actions. Yes, Frankie is the one with the beef with tucker. I am the one with beef with you, because you sacntioned me. What we did last week, we coopperated, I hit tucker for Frankie and he hit you for me, now get your brain out of your ass and start udnerstanding something!
  10. Amithaes Belcurwist

    Recognition of hostilities Druid Wolf Pack

    I know that, he lied about the reasonn. You just admitted you had me sanctioned because I nuked you. That's also what it said in the sanction 'unnecessary nuking' or something like that so don't try to posttruth lie about what you did. Again, who declared the first war? Someone called Supreme. Was pending in DCS. They started this now! I was actually really bored before I started doing this and now it's a lot more activity al the time and those pathetic down declares are just sad keeping it classy DCS the new RE rogue allience
  11. Amithaes Belcurwist

    Recognition of hostilities Druid Wolf Pack

    Maybe next round. Good that you admitted you had me sanctioned. That shows everyone in public that Roadrash just lied. And why did I attack tucker? That wasn't even about me, but he did the same thing before so think back to last round or something what he did. Oh and you don't have to find me Roadrash, I'll find you. You have put a target on your back and I'll come after you, tucker again and maybe Al bundy on his request next round. And why will I do that, what else would I do in this dying game?
  12. Amithaes Belcurwist

    Recognition of hostilities Druid Wolf Pack

    Do you even what rogue means?? How can unaligned nation be a rogue, dumbwad? That word only is usable to someone in an alliance. Also do you even why I attacked you now and before? Because you sanctioned my first nation this round. and why because I nuked Al Bundy who raided me what a stupid thing to do, that idiot raids a nation that has nukes and then cries about getting nuked and you dumbass sanction me because I fkn defended myself, is this really what this game has devolved to in the years I wasn't playin? You are a rogue senator!! How is it these days okay to just hand out sanctions like they were religious leaflets???
  13. Amithaes Belcurwist

    Recognition of hostilities Druid Wolf Pack

    What is this snowflake stupidity then??? Yeah "moving together" it's called coordination. Learn it noob and learn the word ROGUE. rouge is red in French. This war is over but mine continues and this is another case that shows why.
  14. Amithaes Belcurwist

    Recognition of hostilities Druid Wolf Pack

    What is this !@#$ about underwear?? I'm not making remaks about your sexualty! Now here I'm just minding my own bisnes and suddenly before I had rebuilt, another nation from DCS attacks me. And they sent a pending nation so that they could deny it was alliance action but that's obvioous. Wiley Koyote plays ugly. What this means is for me the war continues. I got two open slots and already put an order in for a WRC so come get some. It's on again.
  15. Amithaes Belcurwist

    Selling tech long-term

    To buy 100 tech, send 6 million.