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  1. HGIntelligence


    Also I was in the middle of a 6/100 tech deal, though I don't know if that breaks the rules because it said nothing about it
  2. HGIntelligence


    I just got banned though I did not see why, i haven't broken any rules and it is quite upsetting
  3. HGIntelligence

    Missing money

    I can finally collect taxes
  4. HGIntelligence

    Missing money

    Yeah I still have an attempted tax collection
  5. HGIntelligence

    Missing money

    I don't understand why it is happening. It only started after I accepted a tech deal with a person
  6. HGIntelligence

    Missing money

  7. HGIntelligence

    Missing money

    Has anyone experienced their tax money never been collected even after you pressed collect. Because this is a problem I am facing and I need a little help on what to do?