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  1. JayMillz

    The Black Lace Accords

    As if quadruple or penta or however many times -teaming Legion was a shining example of dignity and honor.
  2. JayMillz

    Rebels DoW

    Nothing like a good clownfiesta to start off the round
  3. JayMillz

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    - Sparta never showed respect towards us when we were in the same bloc (XX, Dos Equis) - Previously, they declared war on us right after signing a treaty with NADC -When Grub and our previous Deputy of Truth (FA) visited their forums, they found a Sparta filled with delusion and pride over our last war. They insulted Grub, our Deputy, and called Polaris a washed up has been alliance This war is long overdue retribution.
  4. JayMillz

    UN DoW

    Welcome to CyberNations, NLON. Have fun :).
  5. JayMillz

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    Good luck fellow Polars Good luck to Sparta too