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  1. 12.2.16: Terminating the TCT This past week I've taken a break from the TCT - mainly because I was overwhelmed by previous issues and did not want to resolve and set up new trades. What finally brought me back to the game was my decision to terminate the TCT and leave the game (mainly because I was recruited to a startup and need to put more time into that). So, I'll be around this month to wrap up the TCT balances and train anyone who wants to take over. You may want to get a friend or two to help you too as it takes a bit of scheduling. There are currently 36 buyers and sellers in the TCT. Pretty good start if you need one. And if you can wrap your head around some accounting and scheduling problems, you'll do fine. Let me know if you're interested in taking the TCT over. If no one steps up, I'll post the members here so that you guys can set up your own trades (unless you don't want me to post your name). In which case, this thread is now open to you. Please reply or message me ingame if you're interested in taking the TCT over or have any issues with me posting your name here. Thanks again for the awesome support and participation in the TCT. Good Luck! Knuckles
  2. 11.20.16 Update: The Good & The Bad Review: This week the TCT partnered with Tech Sellers from the Federation of Cobra who were added to the TCT Team. I also sent out a few introductions to the TCT to a few lucky people who received my spam - jk This week has been interesting. Probably the most mess ups and cancellations to date. Cancellations are due to TCT members not fulfilling their trades on time - for whatever reasons - they are their own. This is usually because they do not check their accounts for new trades (buyers) or they do not have the 100 tech necessary to fulfill a tech trade (sellers). And operator error (me): i sent the wrong seller a message to fulfill a trade that wasn't his; and I sent a buyer 2 trades where he did not have the aid slots to fill - fun stuff... Because of this, there will be new policies set and more information sent to those who want to participate. Such that the trades will be completed on time and I don't have to do so much clean up. But this week identified a few pitfalls I may run into in the future and helped me develop strategies to resolve these issues. A quick note. The TCT is an institution that I support. Any trade default/cancellations will be resolved through a trade I make to fulfill the trade default. However, members of the TCT who default on a trade will owe the TCT/me Tech or Cash that they did not pay. This usually occurs when a Seller receives cash upfront but does not pay the 100 tech owed. The Seller then owes the TCT/me, 100 tech to be sent in a future trade (without payment during that trade). This may also occur with Buyers who receive tech but don't pay cash for some reason unknown. If that occurs, they owe the TCT/me, 6 million to be paid in the future (without receiving tech for that trade). Think of it like a Bank: TCT Bank: If you pay 6 million forward, but do not receive 100 tech, the TCT owes you 100 Tech. If you pay 100 Tech forward, but do not receive 6 million, the TCT owes you 6 million. Tech and Cash can be "withdrawn" from the TCT Bank through a trade where the Buyer withdrawing the 100 Tech, does not have to pay 6 million along with the trade where they receive the 100 tech, because the payment has already occurred (think normal tech trades: a buyer sends 6 million up front for 100 tech in the future). This is similar to the TCT Bank, but at a larger scale as you can put off withdrawing tech or cash for a month if you want. As long as the TCT Bank is actively trading, you can withdraw at any time. And thus, I'm renaming this thread, the TCT Bank, for I would like to further promote this idea. Please review your TCT Bank Balance here: http://tinyurl.com/tctnov ---- If you are interested in joining the TCT Bank and start "depositing" (Option 2) OR "trading" (Option 1), please read the following: TCT Overview for Buyers: Here is a quick rundown of TCT Trades for Buyers: Note the price: $6 million : 100 Tech * Buyers must have the following for each trade type: - Option 1: 6 million and 2 Aid Slots: > Option 1s fulfills Tech deals in "24 hours." By utilizing 2 aid slots, you will send 6 million to Seller 1, and Seller 2 will send you 100 Tech in return. - Option 2: 6 million per 1 Aid Slot: > This is similar to normal tech deals where you pay 6 million up front for 100 tech in the future. It is also the TCT Banking Option ("Banking future Tech for Cash upfront). Your TCT account balance grows 100 Tech every 6 million you trade upfront. * If you are new to TCT trading, start with Option 1. - Option 3: Only applicable if you have Tech in your account (Tech owed, from Option 2) or if you are a Loyal Member. * All trades must be completed in 24 hours. Inactivity results in cancelled trades. Check in daily after you submit what Option you would like with the aid slots you have open. * Only 1, Option 1, will be sent each day. As many Option 2s can be set up depending on what you ask for. * Let me know when you have aid slots to complete trades and send me updates when necessary. TCT Overview for Sellers Note the price: $6 million : 100 Tech * Sellers must have the following for each trade type: - Option 1: 100 Tech and 2 Aid Slots: (if you have less than 100 tech, complete a tech trade outside of the TCT or ask for an Option 3 (accepted if an active buyer chooses an Option 2) > Option 1s fulfills Tech deals in "24 hours." By utilizing 2 aid slots, you will send 100 Tech to Buyer 1, and Buyer 2 will send you $6 million in return. - Option 2: 100 Tech per 1 Aid Slot: (If you have more than 100 tech or the cash equivalent of 100 Tech to complete multiple Option 2s) > This is similar to normal tech deals 100 Tech upfront for 6 million in the future. It is also the TCT Banking Option ("Banking future Tech for Cash upfront). Your TCT account balance grows 6 million every 100 tech you trade upfront. - Option 3: Only applicable if you have money in your account or if a buyer in the system has asked for an Option 2 Trade (please let me know if you're interested) > Please note that 6 million will be reduced from your account and if you balance is at zero, you will owe "T" (T = 100 Tech). Only applicable if Buyers opt for Option 2 AND, if as a seller, you have already participated in multiple Option 1 or 2s. * If you are new to TCT trading, start with Option 1. * All trades must be completed in 24 hours. Inactivity results in cancelled trades. Check in daily after you submit what Option you would like with the aid slots you have open. * Only 1, Option 1, will be sent each day. As many Option 2s can be set up depending on what you ask for. * Let me know when you have aid slots to complete trades and send me updates when necessary. --- *Do not participate if you are in peace mode. *The TCT Bank is another way for you to trade tech. By joining, you do not have to seek out tech trade partners. Also, trade defaults are assured through me. However, TCT Banking can take more time. It needs TCT members to be on time in their tech deals and buyers and sellers must have the required cash, tech and aid slots to ask for an Option. If they do not, they may be denied TCT Trades. Because of this, feel free to supplement normal trades on the side. Just note, if you ask for an option, you must set aside the tech or cash and aid slot for the Option to be sent to you. Or you will default on the trade and screw up my world domination plans (muhahaha). When players default it really messes with my accounting skills... --- Knuckles, Let me know if you're interested by messaging me: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=596196 If your alliance is interested in partnering with me, please have your Officer of Economics message me.
  3. 11/14/16 Update Review: I have set up trades for 14 TCT members since last update. At least 4 of those joined in the past week. Due to lack of trading partners, I have opened up Option 2: TCT Banking. Players who are interested in paying up front will receive TCT Credit for future cash or tech (similar to normal TCT trades, however after completing 12 Option 2 trades, Option 3 will open up and allow members to call in tech or cash up front for payment of such in the future). So far the system is fairly easy to follow and most players (especially buyers) find it very easy to complete trades. I'm training Sellers to be more efficient with their capital and make more trades. If you are interested in participating, let me know: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=596196 Trade Transparency: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12YxYPpkpE0rJ_ocFGV4qaO8jAhkVeIU8icvL_biqD2E/edit?usp=sharing Promotion: If you are a proud TCT member, please let others know. Use the customize option for describing your nation (or national slogan) that you are a TCT member, buyer, or seller. Partnership: If you are an alliance or player interested in partnering with me to grow the TCT Bank and Trade, please message me. The TCT is a Neutral Project not under any alliance. Partners will be added to the current group of TCT traders and may learn how to integrate it into their own alliance trades. Dealers: I'm also looking for players who would like to partner with me as dealers. I am currently the only dealer recruiting buyers and sellers into the TCT and setting up trades. Going forward I would like some help completing TCT trades such that more trades can be completed per day. If you believe in this project, are interested in growing it, and developing it into more than just trades and banking to be an influential economic part of cyber nations, let me know. Thank you, Knuckles
  4. Update: I figured out the system without so many graphs. If you're interested in participating, just message me answering the following: 1) Are you are Tech Buyer or Tech Seller? B) If a Buyer, do you have $6,000,000 & 2 Open Aid Slots? (If you have 4 or 6, then: 12mill : 4 aid slots; 18 mill : 6 aid slots) S) If a Seller, do you have 100 Tech & 2 Aid Slots (if you have 4 or 6 then 200 tech : 4 Aid Slots; 300 Tech : 6 Aid Slots) 2) Can you complete all trades within 24 hours (ie: do you check your account at least once a day?) 3) Do you understand the underlying principle?: that each trade is a single offer, that all trade contracts are fulfilled in 24 hours through utilizing the 2 Buyer: 2 Seller system, and all trades are set up by me. If so, let me know when you have a free aid slot open and I'll send you some trades. My Nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=596196 Disclaimer: all trades are sent out via ingame private message. I keep track of who participates with an offline spreadsheet. I am currently not offering options other than Option 1. This may change in the future. There are currently 20 active players completing TCT Deals. I'm looking to expand the system by 5x = 100 players by the end of the year. Knuckles
  5. Quick Update: I've created a few trades for those who signed up in my group and I've messages a few of the top alliances to see if they were interested (and received a few cool replies). The fact is: there are a lot more buyers than there are sellers. Alliances have created their own systems for the most part, but the limitation (or you may say: benefit) is that it excludes other participants. I would like to create an easier platform for Tech Trading that helps players in alliances (or not in alliances) get what they need when they need it. I would also like to "bank" credits and tech for future use. However I've run into a few difficulties that leaves this project of mine in a stall. Keeping track of trades is only easy if the trades are completed quickly. As the trading is based around multiple buyers and sellers, the coordination is more difficult than I perceived it would be. I'll continue to try my best with what I am working with, but I would like to receive help from others who are interested in helping me. I would like to open up an IRC chat dedicated to tech dealing. This way buyers and sellers can interact when they are online and complete trades when they have aid slots open. TCT Trading may apply if I have a team to help organize the trades and be chat admins. Banking and 4999 applications can also occur with help. But until the team is created and the chat set up, this is going to be a very short project. TCT Trades = immediate trade contract fulfillments through 2 buyers/2 sellers: if you work together, you can complete trade contracts (6 million for 10 days for 100 tech in the future, with 6 million paid and 100 tech received on the same day). Banking = Paying money or tech now for future tech or money (TCT Dealers - like me - can explain) 4999 = an application for players to stay in the lower attack bracket while collecting cash (and selling tech) to make the infra jump to the next bracket and buy a WRC. And more..based on how creative we get (ie: 6,000,000:100 tech can become a different variation and troops can enter the mix) Contact me if you can help out: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=596196 Thank you, Knuckles Current Trade Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-pwkrYLfzsKkL7_rs-V9ty5QpCK_v24EVw1MJhGXHzM/edit#gid=902110278
  6. I'm currently working on a project with my alliance to set up more efficient tech trading. To make a perfect system, I need hundreds of buyers and sellers. So, if you're interested in my offering, please sign up here: http://tinyurl.com/knucklestct My Offering: I am providing my services as a broker to connect you with buyers and sellers so that you do not have to No cost is required on your part, just stick to the price: $6,000,000 for 100 tech. And give money or give tech to anyone I tell you to. Idea: The Tech Circle Trade (TCT) The TCT provides a fast, fluent, efficient and reliable trade partnership by pairing together buyers and sellers. Transparency and dependability is built into the system through keeping track of tech deals of those who are within the circle (TCT members) TCTs will ultimately reduce risk by fulfilling tech trades in *week 1 (*week = 10 days). In effect: if you have 2 open slots, you can buy 100 tech immediately for $6 mill. Process: How it Works Buyer 1 (B1) will pay Seller 1 (S1): $6 million Seller 2 (S2) will give B1: 100 tech Buyer 2 (B2) will pay S2: $6 million Seller 1 (S1) will give B2: 100 tech Buyers receive 100 tech immediately (for 2 aid slots) & Sellers receive $6,000,000 (for 2 aid slots); with the understanding that their tech deals have been fulfilled With a larger pool of buyers and sellers, I will just tell you who to pay money to or give tech to, and record the balances In the future, I will be able to set up deals for buyers to receive 500 tech upfront (with payment in the future), Or $30,000,000 up front (with 500 tech sold in the future) This is good for wars, building wonders, or just "banking" cash or tech for the future Interested? The system is up and running, just sign up and receive your first deals: http://tinyurl.com/knucklestct Let your alliance members know as well. Leave it to me to organize your tech deals. Relax. And get immediate cash or tech for your tech or cash (respectively) Knuckles Kashmir's Tech Czar
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