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  1. Never seen such complaining and trolling of an alliance defending an ally, it's normally the other way round when they don't defend.


    Saying they didn't hit x/y or z because of one reason or other, isn't going to prevent x/y or z from getting involved if there is legitimate connections.


    More people fighting is what most would want, so be !@#$@#$ happy.

  2. 8 minutes ago, MaineGOP said:

    You will cause another war for SNX...


    Wasn't that hard to predict, it was always just a matter of time before his big mouth got a boot in it and it happened many times.


    My favourite moment of him ruling SNX was the time when the writing was on the wall and the backroom talks of total war was in full swing... He runs off and begged Polar for protection in return for next to free tech deals.

  3. 5 minutes ago, The Zigur said:

    ... project will be the compilation of my most important work to date, an anarchist cookbook that will teach those who are victims of hegemonic oppression how to resist the tyranny we see today, but is not new to this era. These tactics worked well for me as a Vox Populi resistance fighter, and have been augmented by my knowledge of how alliance governments work.


    Teach, knowledge, fighter....:rolleyes:


    I'm sure you know a lot about fighting in the 0-5k NS range (beg for aid or become dead weight, use aid on nukes and cause less damage than the cost of said nuke) but above it you most definitely not.

  4. 5 hours ago, AtlasXero said:

    He believed at the time that this whole war was about him and him insulting someone.


    Nearly every war since he has been leader was because his ego was writing cheques that his alliance couldn't cash. 


    5 hours ago, AtlasXero said:

    By stepping down he hoped he could ensure peace for us, only for the war to continue, which is why this ultimatum even came up. He doesn't want war for SNX, which is why he took the role of a relief officer.


    It's wasn't a personal ultimatum it was an alliance ultimatum, which is rather confusing for someone who had meant to have handed over control.


    So unfortunately for ISX, people are going to still view what Junka says in public is the stated position of ISX.


    I'm sure Galerion the "leader" is receiving quite a few ultimatums of his own from people who can actually enforce them unlike Junkypoo.

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