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  1. No one can change it, its a community task, problem being is the global community doesn't exist anymore and hasn't for a long time.
  2. I was in NPO long before Zigur, what prize do I win?
  3. Never seen such complaining and trolling of an alliance defending an ally, it's normally the other way round when they don't defend. Saying they didn't hit x/y or z because of one reason or other, isn't going to prevent x/y or z from getting involved if there is legitimate connections. More people fighting is what most would want, so be !@#$@#$ happy.
  4. To hold someone accountable for their words or actions, you have to have the power to enforce it. Might equals right, stop acting like a noob to politics.
  5. Wasn't that hard to predict, it was always just a matter of time before his big mouth got a boot in it and it happened many times. My favourite moment of him ruling SNX was the time when the writing was on the wall and the backroom talks of total war was in full swing... He runs off and begged Polar for protection in return for next to free tech deals.
  6. With very few friends and supporters from a long campaign shrouded in delusions of grandeur, that's doubtful.
  7. Teach, knowledge, fighter.... I'm sure you know a lot about fighting in the 0-5k NS range (beg for aid or become dead weight, use aid on nukes and cause less damage than the cost of said nuke) but above it you most definitely not.
  8. Was more facepalming at my error of using character for the actors name, so not sure what you're woffling on about.
  9. Ffs of course! I was thinking of the character name he played
  10. Well it was DeVito who played him in Goodfellas.
  11. Kicking their arse twice in roughly a year, have you no morals! : P
  12. Last I checked I left with more warchest than your whole alliance.
  13. That's kind of him, when he is already as poor as you. Bet your arse is sore with all the money people give you.
  14. Yeah that is rather funny, but you should stop taking him seriously and just laugh at him. Everyone knows he is a compulsive liar both IC and OOC.
  15. It would help if he knew the difference between the two.
  16. You're talking to someone with martyr complex, so you shouldn't be surprised with his amendment.
  17. Mockery is butthurt now? Junka does seem to attract the mentally challenged in the world.
  18. He will just get one of his slaves, I mean alliance members to foot the bill like he did with the Polar tech deals he had so he could use it as war aid.
  19. What's valid and law in your eyes isn't what others think of valid and law. Might is right at the end of the day, which means you've never been right.
  20. Nearly every war since he has been leader was because his ego was writing cheques that his alliance couldn't cash. It's wasn't a personal ultimatum it was an alliance ultimatum, which is rather confusing for someone who had meant to have handed over control. So unfortunately for ISX, people are going to still view what Junka says in public is the stated position of ISX. I'm sure Galerion the "leader" is receiving quite a few ultimatums of his own from people who can actually enforce them unlike Junkypoo.
  21. Make a topic about your woes then, not sure what your situation has to do with the disaster on wheels Junka.
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