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  1. I don't think everyone understands my point of view here. I don't fret for NPO here as it is a big alliance which can easily outlive this petty conflict. Its the new players that I'm worried about. And not the new members of NPO perspective but rather the new players to CN. Of course most people could give less of a fu*k so I don't even know why I am posting this.
  2. Its not what it is that is the problem. Its using it to pressure a nation young to CN that has now idea what it is or how to handle it. Of course some will seek help from their alliance others will just be confused. So yea I consider it a jerk move, they can attack all they want or all they can (which hasn't been much lately #anarchy24/7) but don't be an ass about it.
  3. Kudos to you sir. You are one of the few who actually did exactly what you promised and I respect you for that. You found nations in your range and you delivered damage. The definition of going out with a bang. I don't know what what you are talking about. What I've seen so far is a number of nations between 5k-20k NS declaring on people without SDIs to guarantee themselves a 100% hit and when their initial stockpile runs out they escape into PM to build it again and repeat the same procedure. A valid strategy considering you don't have billions in cash to wage a war in a higher range. Oh wait >_> Look, this isn't the first time we've talked about this. I understand your point of view. And yes you in particular have fought no one else but nations who have an idea of what they are doing and have a sufficient amount of wonders to try and fight back. Wish I could say the same for some of your other companions. What I disapprove is some of you going after nations who can't even hope to defend themselves despite wanting to do so. But I guess since there is nothing holding TPF together anymore other than your vengeance its only normal that people like you and Sven and Ole will be avengers while others are plain old as*hats.
  4. So I've read through all of this and I have to say I really can't stay shut anymore. Jude X and the rest of your kind should just stop trying to justify their actions. First it was politically accurate to hit us with a long discussion about ethics and politics. Then it was heroically justified to attack an alliance as large as NPO. Then it was accurate from a military point of view to attack smaller nations. How much more of this is there really? Of course you are gonna get good damage numbers in a 1 v 6 fight. You can get nuked only once per day while you dish out all the damage you can to all 6 members. Are you proud of your mathematics ? Yes or no it doesn't change the fact that its nothing to brag about. How our nations are developed despite of their age is a personal choice. We don't push people for anymore than they would like to offer.And you feel like attacking year old nations is justified. That is kind of fine with me. But attacking newer members and sending them messages like this: To: fierodude23 From: HailSatan Date: 4/8/2016 7:56:04 AM Subject: what sucks Message: you joined the #1 AA to have protection. Not getting much are ya ? To: fierodude23 From: HailSatan Date: 4/10/2016 6:59:03 AM Subject: I can make the attacks stop Message: If you switch your AA to TPF POW. All the attacks will stop and you can start to rebuild. You are exactly the scum everybody describes you as for using these kind of tactics. And Judge please stop acting all high and mighty about being justified. We know what your plan was all along So now that we've come to the conclusion that TPF is not going out with a bang but with a !@#$%^ move to target low tier procurers I'll leave you with a promise. I may not know much of Pacifica's past and may be I can't relate and understand this old grudge of yours. But I will stand here for the new members of NPO and as long as you keep terrorizing nations under 15k NS I will be there to keep as many of you as I can in anarchy and to keep you from attacking young unprepared nations.
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