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  1. Transcended

    FCA declaration

    Could this be the beginning of the end for LPCN?
  2. Transcended

    Micro's Unite

    Oh it isn't official yet, Transcended is on a probationary protectorate with The Seven Kingdoms (TSK)
  3. Transcended

    Micro's Unite

    Is this to Transcended, whom this thread is supposed to be about? Hard to tell on a high jacked thread
  4. Transcended

    In-game error

    Hello I recently bought a name and nation name changes. All areas except Alliance page are correct. The error is my alliances founders name is NapoleonThird my old ruler name. Can it please be changed to Transcended Pixel my new name. Due to this error I'm listed as alliance heir where I am the alliance owner. thanks in advance, Transcended Pixel... http://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp
  5. Transcended

    FCA declaration

    really??? yet another 30 page thread about the same thing
  6. Transcended

    Much a do about Micro's

    where's the mods? my thread stands high jacked
  7. Transcended

    Donation Sale

    looking fo a donation buyer plan to sell 1 donation for 3-6 months please contact for more info
  8. Transcended

    Selling Tech 6/100

    have 1 more slot anyone want to do a 6/100 tech deal
  9. Transcended

    Selling Tech 6/100

    selling tech 6mil 100 tech 4 slots available http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=590424
  10. Transcended

    Transcended Degree

    Hi hitch lol I thought you'd get a laugh from that. hmm that would require multiple levels of protection.
  11. Transcended

    Transcended Degree

    irc: #transcended transcendedcn.boards.net/ Transcended Charter 26/04/16 Sections: Government Rules and Regulations Membership Allegiance Declaration of War and Use of Nuclear Weapons Disciplinary Amendments Section 1: Government Transcended's government shall be ruled by 2 officials, those being the Emperor and Regent. All decisions must be discussed between the 2 members with the Emperor being able to make the final call.. In cases of emergency, the Emperor may make a decision without consulting the Regent but he must confer with them both as soon as possible. If the Emperor is absent, the Regent may make a decision without consulting the Emperor so long as the Regent informs the Emperor upon his return Section 2: Removal and Replacement of the Emperor If the performance of the Emperor is found lacking due to mismanagement or lack of presence, a vote may be held to replace the Emperor. The participants in the vote will be the Regent and all 4 Pixels. In order for the Emperor to be replaced, both Regent and 3 Pixels must vote for it. Only the Regent has the right to claim the throne. Section 3: Government Responsibilities 1. To ensure the strength and well being of the alliance. 2. To help counsel and encourage new nations on their growth. 3. To create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere where people make friends as well as discuss game issues. 4. To work towards building a strong and stable influence in CN politics. 5. To foster and nurture friendly relations with our allies both in peace time and war. 6. To provide military support to all nations in TsD as well as all allies we hold treaties with. Section 4: Rules and Regulations Breaking any of the following rules or regulations will result with you being brought before the Emperor and Regent for possible disciplinary action or expulsion. Tech raiding is not allowed under any circumstances. Declaring war on a nation without prior authorization during peace time is not allowed. All tech deals must be completed as agreed upon by all parties involved. All members are required to follow the wonder outline. All members must be on the Yellow team. Any members posts on the CN forums must be respectful of those involved. Section 5: Membership Article 1: Privilege of Membership Having a membership to TsD is a privileged and should be treated as such. All members are required to follow TsD rules and regulations as well as stay active on the forums to maintain their membership. TsD is a privileged and should be treated as such. Article 2: Rights as a Member All members are guaranteed the right to protection provided by fellow alliance members and allies. If the member needs protection due to their own action which breaks any TsD rules or regulations, this right is null and void. Every member has the right to take part in all programs ran by the alliance as long as they meet the program's set requirements. All members are guaranteed the right to express their opinions, whether positive or negative about the alliance's inner and outer workings so long as they do so in a respectful manner. Name calling or use of abusive language makes this right null and void. Any member accused of breaking any rules or regulations has the right to defend themselves before the Emperor and Regent before receiving any disciplinary actions. If they disagree with the decision, they may appeal to the 4 Pixels. 3 Pixels must agree against the Emperor's and Regents decision for it to be revoked. Section 6: Allegiance Article 1: Alliance Comes First All members acknowledge and accept that the alliance as a whole comes before any individual nation. No treaties may be entered into that could put TsD's sovereignty at risk. Article 2: Allies All allies are to be treated as if they are one and the same as TsD. The well being of their nations is just as important as the well being of our own. If called upon, TsD will go to war to defend an ally as if itself has been declared upon. TsD promises to keep in close contact with her allies and work to build a friendly and long lasting relationship at all times. Section 7: Declaration and Execution of War Article 1: Acceptable DOW Reasons Attacks made against a member with the opposing alliance refusing to resolve the issue peacefully. An alliance poses itself as a threat to TsD's sovereignty over its own nations. A nation is caught sending spies to a members nation with the approval of their alliance's government. An alliance is caught actively poaching TsD members. A rogue nation has declared on a member state. Article 2: Approval of War Individual wars may be approved by the Emperor,Regent or Pixel of Destruction. Alliance wide wars must be approved unanimously by the Emperor, the Regent and the Pixel of Destruction. Article 3: Use of Nuclear Weapons Nuclear weapons are not allowed to be used unless the other alliance involved in the war uses them first. Or the Emperor, the Regent and the Pixel of Destruction orders deployment of nuclear weapons. Section 8: Disciplinary Proceedings Article 1: Minor Infractions All minor infractions will be handled with a warning. In the event that a minor infraction is commited twice by the same member, (even if they are not the same infraction) the consequences may be those of a moderate infraction, depending on the ruling of the Emperor. Article 2: Moderate Infractions A moderate infraction will be handled with a warning and a possible suspension from participating in any alliance backed programs. It could also result with a suspension from the message boards. In the event that a moderate infraction is commited twice by the same member, (even if they are not the same infraction) the consequences may be those of a severe infraction. Article 3: Severe Infractions Severe infractions will result in removal from the alliance and possibly an attack, depending on what the consequences were of your infraction. Nations removed for a severe infraction will not be allowed to return. Section 9: Amendments Amendments can be made to this charter when it is deemed necessary. In order for an amendment to be placed into effect, The Emperor the Regent and 3/4 Pixels must agree on the amendment. Signed: Transcended Pixel 11/05/16 Emperor Pixel
  12. Transcended

    Cobra Dow

    Limitless Nexus is a way better name then Cobra
  13. Transcended

    Cobra Dow

    so how many cobra aa's running around now?
  14. Transcended

    Cobra Dow

    100 tech to the person that does read from start to finsih
  15. Transcended

    Unified Transcended Pixel Community's DoE

    Since last post membership +2 to 6 members And it is my honour to announce the appointment of Dexter83050 of Bamboo to the position of Pixel of Calculations (Economics) His real world study of economics make him the most qualified to lead our economy. Any Alliance wishing to buy tech or discuss buying tech from Unified Transcended Pixel Community please get in touch with Dexter.