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  1. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=582494fast easy reliable
  2. SElling tech! 6/100. ontime and reliable. Looking for long term deals. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=582494
  3. Damn bro, that was deep lmao but I agree with everything and thank you for the support and help you have given.
  4. But i'm not failing right now. we're pretty stable right now. We're small but we're growing and i'm learning to be a better leader every day. I'm reading these guides and i'm getting better. Leaving would just waste time. I'd like you to understand that i'm not leaving so if you have any other help that will correlate with that please help.
  5. ok. tell me how telling me to quit my alliance is helping my alliance?
  6. yes i agree. And Independent will not release any information about what happened should stay between independent and invicta.
  7. So basically you told me to quit. Thanks. Like i said. you haven't helped
  8. Ok tell me what exactly you have helped me with please other than telling me to quit.
  9. yes i found a few guides on google and i have one. Thanks.
  10. Listen, you haven't given me any help. You haven't pointed me towards any guides to read. which is exactly what i'm reading now. You haven't helped me. Yes a FEW others have helped. You have just yelled about how inexperienced i am. Is it a crime to learn as i grow. isn't that the point of the game. you're typing so fast and angry trying to make a point that you cant even spell inevitable correctly. Slow down. If you want to help me please do. If you just want to yell this isn't the place.
  11. Ok ziggy. Were done with our conversation you haven't helped any.
  12. Yes it is well said. If you agree why didnt you tell me this? This is the kind of stuff im looking for. That you have so far failed to provide. I wouldn't mind help from you either ziggy. Other than yelling about joining another alliance.
  13. Well point me towards those guides. Send me some links. Ill read them and read them again. Just show me the way.
  14. Ok cool please come. Ill make you a mask you as a diplomat.
  15. You're still arguing. But whatever. Because i have nothing but love for you Ziggy even if our alliances become friends or rivals because without you or invicta i wouldn't have created Independent. I wouldn't be creating a path for myself and others that's so far successful. Maybe it'll continue to be successful or maybe it'll start to fall but either way were all going on the ride together and were doing our best. That's why i created this thread. to ask for wisdom from other people who play cyber nations. You haven't offered any but i'd love to have some.
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