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  1. President Cyrus

    Nation Declares War at only 3 days Old

    Should we report it to admin? And sorry fox it was two days my mistake :)
  2. President Cyrus

    Nation Declares War at only 3 days Old

    Nation name: weezy Ruler name: weezyfbaby Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=582360 Date created: 9/28/2015 (3 days old) Is it possible to declare war against another nation if your nation is only 3 days old?
  3. President Cyrus

    War on a week old nation

    Try get your self in the top 10 or 5 alliances they will teach you really well... I recommend joining Independent Republic of Orange Nation -IRON for short.. They have brought me along way and I'm still young. Had my first war against a well known imposter that tries and impersonates alliance Minister of Defence. And I won at my first war against him...
  4. President Cyrus

    CN history wars

    Okay so I would like to ask ANYONE to please tell the stories of all the BIG wars like the Karma war etc .( When why and how it started) all of them! NO LINKS!
  5. President Cyrus

    We're watching you

    Great bloc. But something is bound to go wrong
  6. President Cyrus

    Independent Republic of Orange Nations ( IRON )

    First and best alliance I've joined is IRON! Never gonna leave! Join now its just to good to be true but it is good and true! Join to see more people