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  1. zombox

    SG DoW

    *shrugs* I don't know heads or tails about CN awards; isn't it just the final stats on server reset that matters? I mean, if they're up front about it, and say 13 of our boys and girls gonna have some fun for a week before joining back, I hope no one else would say that's false play right? @Bajoran FederationAs for the two "out" persons I declared on... (blitzed by two, rushing to declare my quota before a third straw broke the proverbial camel's back and drop my nation into anarchy) hope they can accept peace soon. I hadn't run any attacks on them, just that as explained, I was rushing to declare before possible anarchy, and only checked the forums after.
  2. zombox

    SG DoW

    Going forwards, could I perhaps request that in cases like this, the 13 of you create a temporary alliance?
  3. zombox

    SG DoW

    Now, war is war. But I just wanna complain a bit. Just back from holiday, not on my normal computer, took 5 mins to remember my login to forums, can barely see your screenshot, had to keep switching tabs back and forth to figure out who is in who is not supposed to be "in". Thought I could just login to "pew pew", without all that extra work. I'm getting too old for this. Sent two peace offers to your guys who are not supposed to be "in".
  4. zombox

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    Just wondering... how about a round with no Nukes? Just pure brute manpower (and some Aerial and Naval sideshows). (maybe admin can take out uranium or MP just for 1 round?) It will be harder to keep infrastructure down, so to stop Flag Runners, we'd probably have to be at War most of the time. (in which case, perhaps a reduction in the "Gentleman's Agreements" to not war without a 7-day break in between would be advisable) It would be like World War I, you just keep throwing more bodies at no man's land until someone wins.
  5. zombox

    Declaration of War

    GLHF to GATO & SLAP.
  6. zombox

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    I just want to say that's an awesome post.
  7. zombox

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    So much this. I think I actually saw a reasonable post from an ISX member somewhere in here... but Greatest Mothers is really doing his/her alliance no favours, even when The Zigur has refrained.
  8. zombox

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Wow. I've been lazy and complacent. But now I feel like picking up some wars just in the vague hope that ISX can somehow shut him up. I like most people, even grizzly Grubby. [Mandatory: Vote Grub!] I liked you when you were working hard in several positions in NpO. I now know what terrible things my Government has had to go through. If anyone here can possibly get through to The Zigur, you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. You can probably talk extremists into reason too.
  9. zombox

    New Year's Resolutions from IRON

    Haha! Isn't CN:TE is all about Education? I'm getting too old for this though. Can't even have a nice 15min time slot to carry out my attacks without being countered. You guys are too active.
  10. zombox

    New Year's Resolutions from IRON

    Nomnomnom... I'm getting eaten. I look away for 2.5 mins, and you guys have completed Nuking, Air and CMs. Ouch. GG.
  11. zombox

    New Year's Resolutions from IRON

    You would think so, but apparently IRON reads it otherwise.
  12. zombox

    New Year's Resolutions from IRON

    Hmm...? Is IRON being nice by sending 0 planes or something? 6 Dog Fights with 0 losses on both sides...? Also, any word on Black Ops?
  13. zombox

    New Year's Resolutions from IRON

    First off, I speak for myself. I was going to collect tomorrow, sucks to be me. Well, if not today, it's going to be tomorrow, not a big deal for me personally. But (speaking not as a Lawyer, but as someone who deals with significant amounts of signed Agreements, eg. Rental, Business, other Agreements.), strictly speaking, if a Truce is from "Dec 23-Jan 2nd" Then 2nd of Jan is also under Truce. Just like Motor Vehicle Licenses/Insurance is from 15th Jan 2017 - 14th Jan 2018, it means you can still drive on the 14th. Or if your Rental is from 23rd April 2017 - 22nd April 2018, other ppl can't move in on the 22nd. Just saying.
  14. zombox

    45th Yellow Team

    Poets abound, Names renowned, So much awesome, it kills boredom!
  15. zombox


    Still waiting for them pics. HFGL in your wars!