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    Min Bai Factbook

    Part One Min Bai (South Land) CAPITAL: Jubahkar IMPORTANT TOWNS: Kampong Juhamat (secondary capital, also airport site), Kampong Warih (industrial town), Kampong Tirgya (commercial town) DEMOGRAPHIC: 38% Chiepa, 23% Pokhweng, 12% Thai, 10.5% Russian, 7.5% Malay, 6.38% Burmese, 5.02% Khmer, 3.6% Rohingya, 3% Vietnamese, 2.73% Yirma, 2.27% Finnish, 2% Chinese, 1.8% Mongolian, 0.4% Okhrek, 1.8% Others DEMONYM: Min Yau OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Min Trai, Chiepa, Pokhwe, Russian, Thai, Malay CURRENCY: Min Shian (MBS) GOVERNMENT: Monarchy ATVA(King): King Gauyanaj II, Thridhong BISLO(Crown Prince): Prince Thruiva HEAD OF GOVERNMENT: Queen Hiringaya HEAD OF ARMY: Prince Ruslan HEAD OF WOMEN: Queen Valery Dmitrovna HEAD OF ECONOMY: Prince Griso HEAD OF LANGUAGE: Prince Hayuru HEAD OF CULTURE: Princess Dharinu HEAD OF MEDIA: Princess Gayak HEAD OF SPORTS: Prince Pyetro HEAD OF INFRASTRUCTURE Prince Lanti
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