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  1. I realize that NADC was not forced to disband, because that is not kosher for CN nowadays. What I am curious about is what your grudge has to do with? It certainly has nothing to do with NPO, since you signed that treaty with them. So, what?
  2. Oh I've read those logs, but to me they are just further proof of Chimaera's/Holton's idiocy. Not spying.
  3. I'm not going to even bother getting into this debate with you, Caustic. He didn't leak it to Chim, he leaked it to NSO, who was Polar's coalition's target at the time, because he didn't want to see them rolled. Sure, he shouldn't have done that, but at least his intentions were good.
  4. Chim liked to refer to his contacts in other alliances as his 'spies.' Go ahead and spin that in whatever way you want, I could care less.
  5. He wasn't and was never a spy for Chim, he was MoFA for Polar and was talking to several people, as MoFAs do, and leaked something to NSO, who then promptly burned him as a spy. Naturally, we here at MI6, as the repository for all the scum and villainy in the galaxy, welcomed him with open arms.
  6. Grub wanted to wear the big boy pants and prove that he could force someone else to do something. He's probably still holding a grudge from when NAAC was forced to disband over 9 years ago and wanted to take it out on someone.
  7. Believe whatever you want, even if it is completely false.
  8. I will let him know and I am sure he will take whatever advice you have regarding becoming someone's lapdog into account. no >started war with 100 members >have 89 as of twenty seconds ago Yeah I can see where 10% = 50% Chimaera is no longer in CN. He no longer affects government policy in MI6. However, being an integral part of it, he is involved in the MI6 community.
  9. As a member of ODN's government, especially as its secretary of state, your words are, in fact, representative of ODN as a whole. And as its leader for a long while, your words certainly carry much weight within and outwith the alliance. Do not pretend as though you are but some sweet, baby-faced new member whose words are irrelevant to the wider world. You may be 'one person' but you are one of very few about whose words anyone actually cares. As for the rest, I have no problem with you declaring war on Sparta here. Good on ODN for declaring in support of its allies.
  10. And this notion of 'playing it safe' versus 'risky and volatile' is precisely what everyone is complaining about in CN these days. People want to go back to the heyday of 2006-09? (or whenever you want to define it) Then start playing riskier hands. You know, I find myself agreeing more and more with NG members. I must be losing my mind.
  11. I think the problem as OP sees it is that every treaty these days is an MnDoAP. Meaning that no one wants to be 100% committed to defending another alliance.
  12. This. I have never supported MnDoAPs, save for briefly in 2008 when we were attempting to renegotiate BLEU (ended up as just a trade pact [Agora] since blocs were, are, and always will be a terrible idea), which I then quickly reneged on with a poorly written speech about how we need to stand together. But, since no one else I've met seemed to share this view, except Oculus, I have been forced to be content to sign treaties with a non-chaining clause. And people have been decrying Oculus for its lack of a non-chaining clause. Absurd.
  13. There are only like 5 alliances that still bother to do enough to secure the foundations required to do anything, and none of them are brought up in this thread, save for the OP. I do not understand this mindless babbling about SUN and TTK. All but pawns in the grand scheme.
  14. Well I don't presume to speak for the rest of my alliance, but I am certainly a hat of an ass.
  15. The guy who makes every other post in figuratively every thread. It's his way of pretending he and this game still matter.
  16. If this is exactly what you want, I can only imagine what sponge, Ivan, ski, z, KP, Penguin, GE, DA, and countless numbers of your own members and your former members think of you right now.
  17. Hail Invicta. And more specifically, hail you, Thrash, for sticking around for so long.
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