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  1. looking at the cobra nations...it's very likely they don't hav decent warchest as they hav been on an infra buy spree. if they fight all by themselves 1 month is the longest b4 they tap it out
  2. but to be honest...its brown that's making us post in OWF right now. it's the only sphere that's generating a lot of interests.
  3. **** you chancellor :P you forced me to post here. did you realized that i'm now coffee overloaded :popcorn: and now your just posting here? :laugh:
  4. hahaha...this was not surprising as what have transpired months ago. Good luck to both of you LPS and Wes :) And here's hoping that you can resolve your problem with grub in the next senate election
  5. o/ Good luck to you guys...you always remain to be very honorable.
  6. good luck to SNX having on the receiving end of this unreasonable actions...don't let them dictate your alliance existence.
  7. happy for our allies in NADC...gratzzz!
  8. well CCC and some neutrals doesn't conspire against any AA i think... :rolleyes:
  9. sad to see this come.. :( dajobo is one of the leaders in bob that i have so much respect,very approachable and helpful. good luck sir!
  10. congrtaz to our friends in NPO... :popcorn:
  11. glad for our allies in /o NADC and to /o TSO
  12. goodluck cazaric...my concern for atlas during my short stint there has just come true.
  13. dunno what's the real score here...but it seems o ya is on his own in this one.
  14. yup... not bad. if what they do (gpa) will continue, o ya baby is headed to ZI, ZT, ZL considering gpa has billions to spare and has the numbers to back them up. they can make turns to constantly put o ya in anarchy eternally in a nuclear attrition
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