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  1. I think it would be interesting but i dont think it will ever happen
  2. It would be next to impossible to get a group of small AA together large enough to make a difference.
  3. MSG me on the forums if you are interested.
  4. Hey I am trying to start up an organization to help out micro alliances/small nations. I am looking for founding (in the forum of aid). If you are a small nation or alliance and are interested in helping out with project "New Tricks" message me on the forums. Also if you would like further info on the project and its intentions feel free to ask me. We are also willing to make tech deals with larger nations. For that you must also message me. (Via forum) Have a nice day :)
  5. I seem to have mislead you guys, I am not new to game, I just haven't played in a long time. I completely started over and just wanted to know what its like these days.
  6. 30 people from one alliance? Or multiple alliances?
  7. Any neutral opinion would be find i just want to understand more about the dynamics of this game.
  8. What is the political atmosphere like here? Who controls the power? (Equally split or the top 90% type thing) What different types of alliances are there? What Ideologies do they follow?
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