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  1. Gretchen

    The 'C' word

    Keep your spirits high and your intentions true, you will overcome this journey, just believe it is so. Those who are close to you need your presence in thier lives. Prayers are with you.
  2. Gretchen

    The topic you've all been waiting for

    Disregarding this threads relevance to other alliance affairs, I want to look at the character behind this atrocity. Someone should make reference to CT being dishonorably discharged from DBDC or any alliance for reasons of traitorous acts of espionage for personal or political gain, maybe hoping to be #1 in CN. A traitor is not someone to associate with especially with the (Solicited) help of smaller NS nations who will lose their infra and tech for personal gains. The presumed logs you are using would be against the entire alliance not just Cuba. Inter-alliance Banter becomes reality? WTF fought bravely, but your presence dilutes their glory and adhesion as an alliance IMO. O/ Remula and the brave others involved in this conflict. I personally wouldn't want to have any association with you Sir, because It would make me feel soiled in my statue as a CN player. It seems you have devious intentions with personal commitments with your associations with other people. This is just my opinion. fwiw.  Also I think H2BKS is your multi because you have the same characteristics and he is out of the blue informed of to much info in such a short time. I don't usually post on OWF but I've never seen a transparent traitor IG before and I hate traitors. Good luck CT.