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  1. Hey wait a minute this isn't the real Gordon Ramsay I want my money back
  2. Apparently he's too much heat for you to, because he's not on your AA anymore. Lol
  3. Our CLAWS problem is solved at the moment. And would still have been solved even if vera didn't leave claws.
  4. Don't get in the ring with Johnny Apocalypse when he's on the 100th cup of coffee. An excellent news update!
  5. And lol a Veracity declaring "permawar" The hallmark of churlishness and unprofessionalism, besides being a self defeating strategy. It's always great when an opponent rolls out that term
  6. Why is donut OOC to you? do you work at Tastycake? Politics is messy. If the degeneracy in the worlds beyond Bob is of any indication its only going to get nastier. But actually I think the debate over the last few days here has been good as the OWF goes; things never really got out of hand. The root of the problem in my humble opinion Tev is that you are a hater. You can't stand the fact that it's not up to you what goes on the OWF, and you don't like confrontation that you can't defuse with a rambling text wall of pretty language and flowers. Why you even come here to throw your virtue signaling I'll never know, as you say it's "toxic". As for not believing you can communicate with us well...thats your prerogative and your loss. In my opinion Oh look who came out of the woodwork. Take that ball and go back to the corner. Well so am I Alright why this and why now? Because this isn't the same No. because again it's not equivalent yes. everybody. I wouldn't expect you to know because well...you don't know a lot. Is walnut on the approved list of insults? ask Tevron
  7. Now if Rose can santion on black we'll be in business.
  8. Marti with the meme to mark the end of (this) crisis lol
  9. He's right We should get a hell of an article out of this Send him tech
  10. Good. Go. Admin knows its what y'all want. You even closed Lunns embassy lol. There are definitely reasons you guys stay off OWF generally. 1. You can't handle it 2. Terrible puplic debate ability 3. Often you have no leg to stand on. Imagine if people in CLAWS and such actually read the forum instead of being told to ingnore it all the time. I bet that would be dangerous.
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