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  1. I, Robert Heymer of Halkingcroft, resign from Disciples of Duckroll and surrender to the Cobra and Nordreich alliances.
  2. 50 is my max :/ Already in Umbrella! Thanks for the advice though
  3. I've been under attack twice daily from spies for about two months, and can't identify them. I've got 50 spies, severe threat level and a good amount of land, and have ~100 tech for tech deals. How else can I improve my chances?
  4. In a few days time I'm going on an expedition and won't be able to log in for 30 days. Is there any protocol as to how I can keep my nation alive and active?
  5. Thanks!!!
  6. I know it might sound noobish, but some external forums ask for a nation ID number. Where can I find this? Thanks!
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