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  1. I will, I'm taking care of a few other things first. He'll be in my range for quite a while still, there's no rush to get a gather intel
  2. That's.... not how it works... That's not how any of it works lol
  3. You must be mistaken. I don't WANT you to fight back, I just find it amusing that you don't know how and can't afford to. I don't know why you keep implying that Umbrella is trying to loot from you, they've clearly stated multiple times that they just want to destroy your nation. You've helped them out quite a bit by destroying all your infra already. I'm sure they appreciate it. I'm also not following how me having over a hundred wars means I've had everybody else fight for me, but I'm not following a lot of what you spew. Since you apparently don't understand how casualties work, I'll explain it to you. Casualties are soldiers that are destroyed during a war. The number of soldiers you can have, therefore the number that can be destroyed, is directly linked to the number of citizens you have. The number of citizens you can have is then directly linked to the amount of infra you have. Therefore, when you have low infra, you also don't get many casualties. I know you have never experienced this, but when you fight wars for a long period of time, your infra goes from a high number to a low number. Therefore, you will spend the first week or two getting a fairly large number of casualties, then the next few months getting practically none, because you don't have infra, which means you don't have many citizens, which means you don't have many soldiers to get destroyed. On the other hand, when you only fight a handful of one round wars like yourself, you always fight those wars with large amounts of infra, therefore soldiers. Additionally, when you overbuy infra to 40k+ like you did, you get LOTS more casualties than someone who fights lots of wars like myself and spends most of those 100+ wars at 1k infra. I look forward to the next ignorant thing you say so I can teach you more basic CN mechanics.
  4. Oh we already know that you're not fighting a war here. It's pretty easy for you to get a lot of casualties when you only fight a handful of wars as a really large nation.
  5. Oh I'm sorry, you must not know who I am. Let me introduce myself. I'm Jesse End, I became the Military Affairs IO of NPO 8 years ago, wrote the original NPO Advanced War guide, and I created and maintain the software that guides the economic and military coordination of NPO, the largest alliance on Planet Bob, which holds multiple economic and military records in CN. Clearly you know more about fighting wars and economic growth than me, despite the fact that while you became the largest nation by donating money over years and years and avoiding real wars, I have fought more than a hundred wars, donated less than what I can count on one hand, and grown my nation from 16k NS less than 4 years ago (when you were already over 500k NS) to the 4th largest nation in CN today. Next up, I will explain to you how to increase damage output to our ally. First, you want to
  6. You guys are experienced fighters though, so you use actual war tactics. Hime doesn't know how to fight a war. Also doesn't have any money so he can't afford to buy military with 120k tech lol I'll let you know once I take out all his nukes I'm guessing less than $2b, as in he was living paycheque to paycheque XD
  7. That $300k per day is a big hit to the funds, hey?
  8. Heh, yeah. "The membership voted me in based on a lie, so it's only a majority of the alliance that wants it."
  9. It's kind of amusing that some people are making the argument that NADC poses no threat to Polar. Like never before in history has a small, unconnected group with a grudge managed to eventually topple a powerful and well connected alliance. Polar's pretty smart to make sure the threat doesn't grow.
  10. Starting here and onto the next page - http://forums.cybernations.net/topic/130985-special-prosecution/?do=findComment&comment=3530516
  11. Don't forget that we have to turn on each other at some point.
  12. One of the best parts about this is NADC gov saying their election campaign promises don't mean !@#$ lol
  13. They probably didn't think something so simple and obvious would need to be specified.
  14. I guess we're supposed to allow them to become big enough to take us down before we act on it. We're doing this all wrong
  15. I'll attempt to crayon this out for you one more time: If someone believes we attack people randomly without CBs because we aren't posting evidence on the OWF, we REALLY do not want a treaty with them. You might be too stupid to understand that not posting evidence on the OWF is a different thing than not having a CB, but that's your problem, not ours. Enjoy the war lol
  16. If someone judges our worthiness of future treaties by postings on the OWF, I'm more than happy to leave that door completely closed.
  17. I feel terrible that the peanut gallery court hasn't been provided enough information to properly judge the situation. Can somebody please compile a list for me of OWF posters that Oculus may consult before we make any decisions in the future?
  18. Cookies are fantastic. But anyone who puts raisins in cookies will be ripped limb from limb.
  19. Your posts in our embassy were reasonably nice, yeah, but we noticed many of your diplomats were abusing their access to Francograd to document our immigration lineup, so you all lost your privilege of access. Last time anyone from TPF posted in your embassy on our forums was 10 months ago anyway.
  20. It's clear to you and I, who have been around for a while and read these forums. It's not clear to a new player, because the nation display page and tech purchase page show a rounded number that is not as accurate as what the game calculates.
  21. This is an official NPO announcement that we declared on KoRT. That is all. Continue with the psychoanalyzing though, I love watching people obsess about us. If someone hated us already, they're going to hate us for everything we do. It doesn't bother us, we're used to it. Haters always hate #1.
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