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  1. one slot opened up! Preference given to nations offering 6m/100T deals No longer doing tech deals till I am more available.
  2. One spot opened up! Edit: All spots are filled
  3. Interested in trading with black team only but I will consider temporary trades with other teams.
  4. All slots are currently filled! For those that have offered me $1m bonus, thanks a lot :awesome:
  5. I have one slot left. I've already sent tech as payment for those who have bought from me. Soon I will have another slot available through improvements!
  6. 2 slots left! Will update when all slots are full.
  7. Hi there, A new nation here looking to jump start my economy. I will send tech quickly as I am on everyday around 11pm pst. Thanks http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=549050
  8. How much infrastructure should I buy at one time? I'm saving up to buy 100 at once, is that the most efficient method? What about land? Should I be collecting tax only when I can't afford to pay bills? IE save up tax for the 12% interest and collect it all at once. I'm worried about getting attacked. I have 2000 soldiers and 20 tanks, is this enough? My nation strength is 1,852.000. Thanks!
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