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  1. I am the love i am your friend the thing you need your missing spot I am the hate your enemy the thing you dont want i am terror i am sadness i surround you the thing you are the only one i am depression your personality the thing you become the true ID your not the only one who feel this way we are here with you for you speak, and we will help guide you through darkness through pain and vain be silent and we will embrace you you're one of us you cant leave EVER
  2. something wonderful delicious too hot to handle your mine the turtle is swimming in the ocean the cat knows how to human the Russians are all over the place 1234 lets go to the store get some cake the chicken is fake i got a goose in the moose my cup is broken get a new nose time to move the police are breaking in - call the thief's a state of emergency we would like to introduce a dog with three leg, do a keg stand i don't know you, but you're beautiful its a sweet pie two legs walking the road why is the rum gone lets run to Australia get a kangaroo jump the moon baked beans are cold you are wild, but cute 8 am, but im in Detroit got a pencil, ran into Bill everybody is a little gay the world would be better of if neither Hitler or the deaths of 62 mil Russian people had happened we should share the resources of the world when we are partying, we are happy stoned - more than a rock spaziba, the time was great roger that, we are going to ibiza supefly slick dick busrider is sad, cheer him up wanna take a ride, on my astral air plane sovyet power is good for you if you are faithful to the commie party Toulouse my friend, its time for nap listen to the beats, the drum and the bass ruyki vvher, time to fly refugees of the motherland, come here we will take care of you when you are sleeping always have one eye opened keep your friends close and your enemies closer and keep the Nazis in the labor camps people of the world please stand up to the anthem of the socialist world republic i have the counter my house is burning and got the insurance, no problem Daa, you wanna mess with me i spit hot borsch, while im crushing these beats im a president in my prime my enemies dont distract me and you are goin to obey me the year of 89 was terrible the fall of a revolutionary world decided to happen i love the small stands in berlin, where the Berlin-wall was you can get a lot with money, but not real friends will you be my platonic soulmate lets reinstate the things we love to honor those who died for it we are the party lets smoke a i am lame grab a beer, and come with me you want to see heaven? i got what you need then sit down have a drink and take this it is not dangerous, but it is illegal but we need to have fun come with me on this flight, of happiness love and thrill do you feel the chills it nice to have you here
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