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  1. @ProTayToeGamer @BoltsFanCrazy @PetrifyingYT @Ghost5091 @thatbassguru @RevJide @HouseOfRainbow He is your savior. A… https://t.co/SrISKy3fI6

  2. "Alienation and the breakdown of communities is the core driving force behind the skyrocketing suicide rates. Kind… https://t.co/fXFKXG3F7H

  3. RT @CoryWalloch: Don’t !@#$@#$ mess with this crab https://t.co/LtfjgOcVSy

  4. RT @CatalystSSB: when u see ur friend Tim https://t.co/0g4ctHS73b

  5. My mom loves cereal with sliced bananas in it.

  6. RT @billwurtz: if a house arrests a citizen i wonder which type of arrest that would be

  7. RT @UnburntWitch: good to be playing D&D once again https://t.co/QdnaOPuKNz

  8. RT @DCTF_Tim: “The Irish lamppost carrying yo-yos accosted me in an alleyway”

  9. Big Box God gave me a big box today. Thank you #BoxGod.

  10. RT @DCTF_Tim: Next time you’re in Subway, ask for cookies in your sandwich. Straight faced, with eye contact.

  11. RT @billwurtz: i would like to steal a jail, then punish myself by getting inside

  12. RT @bombsfall: @babyfacepop i saw this hours ago and i'm still in some sort of long-form wince

  13. Woah there, slow your spring roll.

  14. "Brave the Wet" @DCTF_Tim