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  1. Thx but drink isn't in the picture. My nation looks swell thanks for asking. Ready for whatever NG can offer. Sleep tite.
  2. Aw c'mon the CK thing? Soooo nineties, I thought you would remember...
  3. Yes let's go! I love a good Guiness. But the sods at the top of NG need to peace out for us to truly celebrate battle, eh?
  4. As per last post, you are insignificant. FFS, not even an alliance. Please post elsewhere.
  5. Oi! Just me, the noob. 49 pages of !@#$%^&* tl;dr, but why are NG's 4 largest nations in PM? Going out with a bang? Nope. $%&@tards, all of you. Anyway. Special cudos to Sir Bujungo who eloped 26 days ago from his old alliance, in PM mode, has sent no aid or whatever in this period and is just perched up high as #1. What are you doing up there? Do you have a fcuking job? Anyone in this thread better be in war mode or pretty please shut the fcuk up. I'm ready (and bored). Lets put NG to bed, at their own request.
  6. Confirmed again 100%. Thanks guys.
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