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  1. Chae Yeong

    selling tech - 6/100

    selling tech at 9/200 lads
  2. Chae Yeong

    Don't deny the aNiMaL

    If my previous wars with you are any indication, I don't think they'll have much trouble.
  3. Chae Yeong

    Don't deny the aNiMaL

    I've spent a lot of my time fighting against aNiMaLz, so to say I don't share my alliance's friendship with them is an understatement.
  4. Chae Yeong

    Don't deny the aNiMaL

    Good luck KoRT and Scotsland.
  5. Chae Yeong

    Official LPC Announcement

    see you in a couple weeks.
  6. Chae Yeong

    Joint Imperium-LPCN announcement

    the admission of defeat is implied. this option just saves them the indignity of putting it in writing.
  7. Chae Yeong

    The Second War on Terror

    if you're wondering why you got nuked just now, it's for this post.
  8. Chae Yeong

    Limitless Nexus Announcement

    there's nothing more validating than a big, rambling OWF post all about you.
  9. Chae Yeong

    selling tech - 6/100

    still selling tech. all slots open. 6/100.
  10. Chae Yeong

    selling tech - 6/100

    open slots: 3   come on, lads. my tech will increase your libido by 50%.
  11. Chae Yeong

    Dealing with Rogue GOONS

    anyone who is still in this shit alliance is planning to go down with it. that was the point from the get go. the only ones who quit in frustration were random noobs who joined because they thought the AA sounded cool.
  12. Chae Yeong

    selling tech - 6/100

    hit me up for some deals   http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=540023   open slots: 4
  13. Chae Yeong

    Minor In-Game Grammatical Error

    There is a small grammatical error in the message sent to nations when a spy operation is successfully launched against their nation and the attacker's identity is revealed.   The message reads:   This should be in the possessive form: "attacker's".
  14. people aren't clicking this thread because it's about GOONS. no one cares about us. they're here because you and your allies are going to make teats of yourselves again. it's a cheap spectacle.   notice how we've been peripheral to most of the discussion after the OP.
  15. not that it matters since i think youre the only person who cares, but that thread has been dead for 3 months. and half of it was just shit posting anyway.