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  1. Syracuse

    Nation rank disabled?

    This. To conserve server resources around update (when players are usually the most active) non-essential services are temporarily discontinued. Question answered, thread locked.
  2. Syracuse

    Please help

    Use the "I forgot my password" link underneath "login"; this will let you obtain a new password.
  3. Syracuse

    28 Day Break

    Just ask someone in your alliance to nation sit for you during that period.
  4. Syracuse

    Can I delete my forum posts?

    No, you cannot delete your posts. And iLock.
  5. Syracuse

    SDI linked to tech

    Double post, locked
  6. Syracuse

    Paying bills

    Uh... Tbh, depends. In general, it's best not to collect until a number of days inactive, and bills can be advantageous to only pay just before collecting.   To go into more detail, I'd pretty much have to write a guide, and CBF doing one right now :P I'd suggest joining an alliance and reading their guides (if you are already in an alliance, dig up their guides; if they don't have up to date ones, I'd suggest finding a better alliance)
  7. Syracuse

    Nukes without MP or being in the top 5%? (SE)

    Don't worry, I'm on this. He'll be banned in a couple of minutes for hacking the game.   Anyway, issue resolved, iLock.
  8. Syracuse

    Game Down: Host Issues

    Well, good knowing you all. I'm out of here.
  9. Syracuse

    Resources Bug

    A sphere proposal can give you that resource; perhaps check your team proposals sphere and come back if a proposal granting that isn't there?
  10. Syracuse

    Fired All My Nukes

    Indeed; the limit is not on you launching nukes, but instead on the number of nukes the target can eat. Furthermore, while unlikely and unfortunate, missing ten in a row isn't that rare; it will happen in about every 3 of 500 cases.
  11. Syracuse

    Frequently Asked Questions

    500k base, increasing as you purchase more, modified by things such as resources. You'll need a calculator to work the precise cost out; most large alliances will probably have one you can access if you are a member, or you could throw one together yourself without too much difficulty.   No. Account transfer results in all involved accounts being banned.
  12. Syracuse

    Trade Agreements

    Moved from open world RP Anyway, I suggest you go join an alliance; they will organize all these things for you
  13. Syracuse

    War against Goons/ RUKUNU

    Yawn. Locked; we don't like necromancers around these parts.
  14.   If you feel it could be improved then I would suggest posting in the suggestion box.   In any case, when I said sell off infra, I meant it to do what killjoy said; sell it off to reduce your bills.
  15. Intended as such, to provide some penalty for entering inactivity mode. My advise? Get full trades, preferably with temps for bill reduction, and if you can afford the bill payment, pay it. Otherwise, sell off infrastructure until you can afford it.