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  1. Otto Pilot

    Purchse improvements

    Closing thread as question was answered, thanks extended to Williambonney and the rebel for their provided answers.
  2. Otto Pilot

    Deployed Military Back to Zero?

    Locking thread as the question is answered, thanks to Krihelion for providing the answer.
  3. Otto Pilot

    Announcing New Additions to the Staff

    Actually that'd be a great idea for a punishment, unfortunately the paperwork is now out of my hands. It would be nice to have somebody to go through all those thousands of files to be properly archived after all.
  4. Otto Pilot

    Announcing New Additions to the Staff

    Too late, I have already submitted the four dozen pages of paperwork to the senior staff for review regarding the issue. Provided everything was stamped correctly, we should see a reckoning on TidyBowlMan in eleven to twelve business days. That said, the office is closed this Friday so it may take even longer.
  5. Otto Pilot

    Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

    Gravedig, thread returned to rest and tomb resealed.
  6. Otto Pilot

    [Discussion] Unban Me

    Request denied.
  7. Otto Pilot

    Winter is Coming