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  1. Please PM me if interested! -Hombre
  2. We've just had a space open in our reliable, long-term green trade circle. We're happy to take someone temporarily for now, or a preferably new permanent member. Uranium + Fast Food, Beer & Construction We need from you: Green Team Membership Marble Pigs We will provide: Aluminum, Cattle U S of R http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=330639 Wheat, Uranium NiKiTaLaNd http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=94453 Iron, Lumber FireNation http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=312861 Fi
  3. Proud to be part of the MW crew! Stoneland is fitting in well....Happy B Day MW....the terrible two's now begin...time for some hair of the Wombat to get the mind right again. :ehm:
  4. Stoneland is interested. I can change my nation resources to Fish/Sugar from Gold/Wine if the slot is still available. -Hombre Sabio
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