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  1. RT @realDonaldTrump: Steve Bannon will be a tough and smart new voice at @BreitbartNews...maybe even better than ever before. Fake News nee…

  2. @ScottPresler Please no, it's one sellout judge dont punish the rest of us

  3. @realDonaldTrump Hail the Emperor! Down with the liberals and oligarchs!

  4. RT @TEN_GOP: The Huffington Post deletes article saying Trump was right about Sweden. But no worries, we saved it for you. #CPAC2017 #CNNL…

  5. RT @udouseless: #BOYCOTTSTARBUCKS https://t.co/QgCXH5ugFG

  6. RT @omarbula: Helping @realDonaldTrump confront #MSM is perhaps one of the most important ways in which each one of us can contribute to th…

  7. @jasonthefirst @janiemiz @sarahkendzior @Google The Goyim know... SHUT IT DOWN

  8. RT @adudeinaplace2: @EDdotSE @RussianEmbassy @theresa_may Russia: Posts Pepes UK: Let's Pakis rape their children Who is our ally again?

  9. RT @MsBlaireWhite: "If Trump elected, we're going to see a rise in hate crimes. Minorities are scared for their lives because of Trump & hi…

  10. RT @liars_never_win: Press: "It's not your fault" Obama: "I know" Press: "It's not your fault" Obama: "I know" Press: "It's not your fault"…

  11. @sam_d_kennedy @isaponturo @FestiveBoi racist sexist and bigot nothing anymore, you leftists overplayed that hand

  12. @RadioFreeTom keep the tears coming cuck

  13. RT @GopAaron: Watch as a Muslim man picks up a kid for Bacha Bazi! A tradition where young boys dance and perform sexual acts for Muslim me…

  14. RT @PrisonPlanet: Twitter replaced #NeverRomney with #Recount2016 despite the former having far more tweets. Brazen bias yet again.

  15. RT @seanhannity: https://t.co/9Ly9TyK8tx


  17. Value discipline, activity, camaraderie? Tired of your inactive alliances and want a real purpose? Done being a tech slave? The Imperium of Supernova X features $18,000,000/300 tech dealing and the military-first producerist ideology! Check out our forums for more info: http://cn-snx.co.uk/

  18. Primus inter pares

  19. Platoons of Pakalolo Mechanized Infantry would advance against fortified Polar defenses, and fire low-yield nuclear recoiless rifle rounds. Mechanized elements would then surge past the disabled defenses to hit behind the lines.

  20. No loss too great... no saceifice too deep... for the Nations imbued with post-revolutionary consciousness

    1. Tiberius


      Saceifice for life, Saceifice is god.

      Do not question Saceifice, nor insult Saceifice. Bow down and pray for Saceifice!

    2. Malik Shabazz
  21. "A soldier fighting for a paycheck will never fight as hard as a soldier fighting for their ideology"

    1. Ch33kY


      Is that the new motto of the Russian armed forces?

    2. Caladin


      Or ISIS. Not like either will be able to afford to pay their men any time soon.

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