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  1. ScandinavianTaco

    I guess I can post on here now.

    Cool. I appreciate the offer. I actually got scooped up a little while ago by Night's Watch.
  2. ScandinavianTaco

    I guess I can post on here now.

    I can get you some reliable tech sellers if you want em.
  3. ScandinavianTaco

    I guess I can post on here now.

    Left NpO a couple years because I didn't like the fighting. Joined GPA. Got triple declared by NpO because I couldn't get to peace mode fast enough. GPA wasn't helpful, it's not really their fault, but I didn't have the warchest I should have. But now I'm now a refugee, I'd like somewhere to go and grow. I might start an AA, I might get ground into oblivion. If anyone else wants to start an alliance or they have an alliance they'd like to advertise shoot me a pm in game or on here. What's the lowest your nation has even fallen?
  4. ScandinavianTaco

    Make DoW's Great Again

    you're fake news
  5. ScandinavianTaco

    To Camelot!

    I'm disappointed in my beloved KoRT for even giving pretext to such an indomitable AA. Down the well we go.
  6. ScandinavianTaco

    48hr notice to disband- Statement from Monsters Inc

    Okay, I don't usually post on forums outside AA but I feel this warrants my presence. I've gotten multiple telegrams from members of my alliance (Scotland) scared out of their minds because of this post, and I'm not sure why. Now, I'm not sure as to the nature of wars in the screenshot above, as I joined Scotland a couple weeks ago because they had some nice guys and I wanted to help them into becoming bigger nations, and it appears there's some drama I was previously unaware of. Now, I believe I speak for all of clan leadership when I say we have no desire for war at the present time (we still have members doing their first rounds of tech trades) and would like a peaceful solution. I'm not educated on the issue and would appreciate any and all information. Again, this is a misunderstanding of some sort and I'd be happy to sort through it, but if you would still wish to wage war, I'll vote for Scotland to defend. I hope all observers in this conflict recognize Scotland's willingness to solve this problem diplomatically, and the ensuing attack would therefore be without just cause and be no different than any other raid. In that case, I hope for support from any alliance that abhors such attacks, but again, I hope and will do all in my power to ensure it doesn't come to that. Edit: I will do anything up to the point of disbanding the AA. Anyone who wishes to speak on the matter feel free to send a message to me in game, and I'll try and check the forums on here until this matter is finished. Leaders or nations who would like to help form a contingency plan, please contact me as well, coordinated efforts are being planned in real time, as this appears to be a time-sensitive issue.
  7. Ahueri, Free Rapa   It was a large building fashioned of marble and granite. It was decorated with various artifacts and paintings, serving as almost a museum aswell as a center for diplomacy. It was the brand-new Exterior Affairs Department Building, and it was open for buisness. Diplomatic cables were being sent around the globe, annoucing the nation's emerge on to the World scene. The Chief Ambassodor, a young man of about thirty, spoke in a clam voice annoucing that Free Rapa for open for buisness. "Hello, my name is Toyo Hahuri, and I am the Monarchy of Free Rapa's Chief Ambassodor to the World. On behaf of the people of the nation, I wish to express my willingness to open my nation for diplomatic relations, and with that willingness I am proud to annouce we offer diplomacy to all that seek it."   He ending the broadcast, trusting that it would be sent to the corners of the Earth. Responses were to be expected promptly.