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  1. I can help you fine gentleman. It seems Yuurei lost two members of Arizona and gained another, and he was so embarrassed by both of these events, that he did not want the world to know! I, the one and only Yuurie, have arrived to help spread the knowledge to the rest of the world
  2. I am sorry dear Yuurei, but I still have good standing here and if I were to join your glorious alliance I'm afraid that good standing would no longer exist
  3. 02:08:45: <aaa> i just wanted to know how Arizona is goin for you guys :) 02:10:02: <xxx> its going well 02:10:24: <xxx> weve had some diagreement on what AZ should be as far as FA goals goes 02:10:34: <xxx> and we all decided to keep it pretty low key for now 02:10:38: <xxx> which is the right choice 02:11:17: <xxx> AZ will do big things by staying outside the poltical mess of traditional bob diplomacy 02:11:20: <aaa> Yuurei trying to strong arm the group again? lol 02:11:26: <xxx> lol 02:11:27: <xxx> not anymore 02:11:28: <xxx> :p 02:11:34: <aaa> lol 02:11:36: <xxxx> we are all on the same page now 02:11:42: <aaa> you guys finally put him in his place? XD 02:13:22: <xxx> you might say that 02:13:22: <xxx> XD 02:13:29: <xxx> had some hard talks 02:13:39: <xxx> its yuurei 02:13:40: <xxx> u know how he is XD 02:13:49: <xxx> why u ask? 02:14:30: <aaa> haha 02:14:55: <aaa> i'm trying to make sure rather than him trying to force you guys into things again :P 02:15:19: <aaa> (remember if you make any FA moves he doesnt like he'll bitch about it for months :P) 02:16:22: <xxx> :p f course 02:16:27: <xxx> of * 02:16:48: <xxx> nah we won't be letting him dictate CCC foreign policy 02:17:04: <xxx> we joined AZ because we liked the idea 02:17:22: <xxx> and we don't want it to be like the other blocs out there 02:17:27: <aaa> that's what i like to hear lol 02:17:45: <xxx> the AA's in it would never be able to participate together if it was a traditional bloc 02:17:58: <aaa> why you say that? 02:18:12: <xxx> Yuurei seems to be torn as to what he wants the bloc to become 02:19:05: <xxx> well 02:19:34: <xxx> some of them have ties to AA's we do not necessarily want to be directly tied to 02:20:01: <xxx> i'm struggling to come up with which ones off the top of my head 02:20:08: <xxx> but that was the consensus 02:20:38: <xxx> not to mention, many AA's in AZ do not the ties that CCC has 02:20:52: <xxx> for example, TTE hates Polar and GOD 02:21:07: <xxx> how do we reconcile that with a traditional treaty? 02:21:12: <xxx> it can't happen 02:21:36: <xxx> and we accept that, TTE doesn't have to like our friends, providing we keep things as is 02:21:58: <xxx> thats just one example of many 02:22:46: <aaa> ah ok then 02:24:33: <xxx> right now, a strength of the bloc is that it can potentially bring in AA's from anywhere on the web, so long as they believe in our vision and values 02:25:01: <xxx> i understand the goals of some of the AA's in AZ though
  4. 06:38:20: <aaa> apparently Yuurei flipped shit on him because he was leaving AZ 06:39:37: <xxx> heh yeah i bet he did 06:44:41: <xxx> the funny thing is, and Hardin will tell u this 06:45:07: <aaa> ? 06:45:19: <xxx> even when those two agreed with each other on things, it wasnt easy to have a good communincation 06:46:18: aaa> cause of one worded questions? 06:46:20: <aaa> lol 06:46:30: <xxx> just...idk 06:46:36: <xxx> so hard to talk to 06:46:43: <xxx> idk how to explain it 06:46:52: <xxx> u make a joke, he doesnt react 06:47:04: <xxx> u make another joke, he doesnt notice 06:47:18: <xxx> u make small talk, he isnt interested 06:47:48: <xxx> u disagree with him in public,he gets pissed 06:47:57: <xxx> :P 06:50:04: <aaa> u disagree in private, he gets pissed XD 06:53:14: <xxx> that too! 06:53:15: <xxx> :P 06:53:23: <xxx> u talk out of turn....pissed 06:53:26: <xxx> actuallty 06:53:32: <xxx]> he is a good guy though 06:53:40: <xxx> im being mean and exagerrating slightly 06:53:42: <xxx> but still 06:53:52: <xxx> i mean, those logs tell all :P
  5. 19:07:01: <xxx> so remind me why you dont like TTE :P 19:07:09: <yyy> Yuurei 19:07:22: <xxx> wat bout him lol 19:07:25: <yyy> And his sandpaper personality 19:07:44: <xxx> thats it? lol 19:08:04: <yyy> Well, he whines whenever we sign new treaties with anyone he doesn't like 19:08:07: <xxx> Pitched a fit about GOD 19:08:22: <yyy> and thinks we're doing some heinous crime by *discussing* upgrading with MCXA 19:09:00: <xxx> lol 19:09:09: <yyy> If he expressed it as a concern instead of as a "You're leading CCC down the wrong road here" sort of deal, that would be one thing
  6. 02:38 Yuurei NpO negotiated on their behalf, both before and at the end... how is that a rogue action??? 02:39 Michaelboy88[TTE] Because that is how it turned out. Not agreeing or disagreeing but that is what happened. 02:39 Yuurei NpO is our eternal enemy... I should put them in the charter next time 02:40 Michaelboy88[TTE] Cmon we don't need to be publicly confrontational with them. At least not in an official document. 02:44 Yuurei no fallout from having MCXA in it before 02:44 Maonyan MCXA? 02:44 Yuurei my former personal nemesis 02:44 *** eXcessium[SNAFU] quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.0.2 Insomnia http://www.kvirc.net/) 02:45 Yuurei read the old Charter 02:45 Michaelboy88[TTE] But that is the past. 02:45 Lurunin[PPO] dude...i'm sorry...but that is low dissing an entire alliance in your charter 02:45 Yuurei Appendix 2 - The Terran Empire shall be forbidden to establish any treaties with the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance (MCXA). 02:45 Michaelboy88[TTE] I am aware of the MCXA clause in the previous charter. 02:46 Yuurei I was informing Maonyan 02:46 Maonyan MCXA was pretty prominent before Karma...no? 02:46 Yuurei yes 02:46 Yuurei when I started, they were the 2nd largest in CN 02:46 Michaelboy88[TTE] It's still pretty big. Just not as big. 02:47 Maonyan ye... 02:47 Maonyan still rmb those days 02:47 Maonyan NPO,NpO,IRON,MCXA,Val, 02:47 Yuurei Lurunin, if MCXA did to you what they did to me, then you'd understand 02:47 Lurunin[PPO] #1 wat did they do? 02:47 Maonyan another nuke rogue? 02:48 Yuurei no... much different 02:48 Lurunin[PPO] #2 personal grudges are one thing....but that crosses the line man 02:48 Yuurei how so? I didn't post that they were asshats, I said we wouldn't treaty them 02:49 Lurunin[PPO] even if they placed an EZI on me i'd never do something like amend our charter to specifically target an alliance 02:49 Yuurei more complicated than an EZI 02:50 Devo[NATO] Not by place to go there, but that sort of article would likely draw bad opinion of the holding alliance 02:50 Michaelboy88[TTE] Onething to understand was the intent of the alliance during the time thatwas written. It was just a form of dealing with the feelings ofthe past. 02:50 Devo[NATO] anyway o/ Yuurei o/ going to bed 02:50 Yuurei Other alliances have the same feelings about specific alliances... I just came out and said it is all 02:51 Yuurei It hasn't been in the Charter in a LONG time... we get along fairly well with MCXA these days 02:51 Yuurei I think that line actually helped facilitate some of the thawing of relations 02:53 Yuurei Besides, I've never been one to refrain from saying what I think... you always know where you stand with me.
  7. Not fake at all! http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Arizona
  8. It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Global Protection Force has been accepted into Arizona! Also Invicta and UCR left That will be all folks! [spoiler] [03:39:02] <~Yuurei> I don't even bother to post announcements any more [03:39:42] * constapatedape[CRAP] shrugs [03:39:46] <constapatedape[CRAP]> join the club [03:39:59] <Kaelistari[TTE]> meh [03:41:15] <~Yuurei> GPF joined Arizona, and all I did was update the wiki [03:34:23] <~Yuurei> We passed MCXA during the war.... it was an awesome day for me [03:34:44] <Joe[NSF]> Very nice yuurei [03:34:45] <Kaelistari[TTE]> We passed alot of people in the war Yuurei :-) [03:34:53] <Kaelistari[TTE]> I wish I'd been around at that time [03:35:05] <Joe[NSF]> but i'm tired.... so good night [03:35:10] * Joe[NSF] (~JoeNSF@coldfront-737C130D.lightspeed.gdrpmi.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving) [03:35:21] <Kaelistari[TTE]> He just pulled a Century [03:35:49] <~Yuurei> MCXA was my first alliance, so to pass them.... high fives all around [03:35:59] * Kaelistari[TTE] high fives Yuurei [03:36:57] <~Yuurei> It makes me want to avoid more wars... 2 more big ones, and we'll be sanctioned [03:37:21] <constapatedape[CRAP]> war is fun [03:37:27] <constapatedape[CRAP]> spices this dull planet up [03:37:31] <Kaelistari[TTE]> But other alliances wouldn't be happy BECAUSE we avoided two more wars [03:37:39] <Kaelistari[TTE]> Consta [03:37:46] <constapatedape[CRAP]> hmm [03:37:47] <constapatedape[CRAP]> ? [03:37:58] <Kaelistari[TTE]> You should start a gigantic war and let us watch on the sideline [03:38:00] <Kaelistari[TTE]> [03:38:08] <constapatedape[CRAP]> no thanks [03:38:15] <Kaelistari[TTE]> I knonw [03:38:19] <Kaelistari[TTE]> I was joking [03:38:20] <Kaelistari[TTE]> *know [03:38:22] <~Yuurei> Other alliances aren't happy no matter what we do... can't worry about what haters think [03:38:31] <Kaelistari[TTE]> Haters gonna hate [/spoiler]
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