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  1. i also had a greek salad with the souvlaki
  2. well, i had a souvlaki sandwich for lunch, that had delicious medium-rare beef tips in it
  3. home made calizone with italian sausage and broccoli
  4. so you are the "steve that chooses" :o omelette with caramelized onion and fresno pepper, and toast
  5. is that the composition/division fallacy or the genetic fallacy? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-M99QLA-1Qpw/UySX1c5of5I/AAAAAAAASU0/P1o_rg-Utho/s1600/logical-fallacies.png
  6. I'd like to take up a grievance with NpO, I've been informed that it isnt economical any more to keep nuking me and I have yet to reach ZI even though I'be been postponing buying any more infrastructure for the very purpose of being ZI'd, and I want you to either deliver me nukes til ZI or pay me one half billion or more dollars, plus King Wally has to publicly taunt WarriorSoul about how I beat him to 500k casualties. Actually, King Wally has to taunt WS anyways. Not that any part of this is negotiable, but that definitely is non-negotiable.
  7. idk if i have someone on ignore but it seems like kata is talking to itself :|
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